Is My Kid on Drugs?

s My Kid on Drugs?

Parenting a teenager is, for lack of a better phrase, uncharted territory. The teen years are a time when your child is trying to exert their independence. On the other hand, you are trying to instill those last few lessons before they head out into the world. It is a time filled with pressure on all sides and it’s no wonder that there is a fair amount of conflict to be had. 

Even if your relationship with your teenager is ideal, your house will still have some conflict and teen angst. It’s hard to know when that conflict and teen angst crosses the line into abnormal territory that requires more concern. You may find yourself wondering, “Is this normal, or is my kid on drugs?” You may also find yourself wishing you had a parenting crystal ball that would give you all of the answers and the next right steps. At The Last House, we understand how mind-boggling it is to navigate the teen years and possible drug use. 

Drugs Commonly Used by Teens

When examining teen drug use, we find that alcohol and tobacco are the most abused.  Following those, the drug most widely used by teens is marijuana, but amphetamines and prescription opioids are not far behind.  Interestingly enough, the drug of choice seems to vary by age, with younger teens more apt to use inhalants such as glue. Older teens tend to use synthetic marijuana and prescription medications. 

For instance, if your teen is on prescription Adderall, you must be vigilant to ensure that they are using the medicine as prescribed and not sharing the medication with their friends. Likewise, if anyone in the house has been prescribed opioids for pain, you must ensure that these are stored properly and not accessible by your children. Teens may turn to drugs for many reasons, including fitting in, feeling better, performing better, or merely experimenting. Making sure the medications in your own home are not being misused is one way you can protect your child from drugs. 

What Are the Usual Signs of Drug Use in Teens?

You know your child better than anyone else, so you will likely see the changes before anyone else. While some of the signs will be specific to the drugs being used, some signs that are common to all drug use are:

  • changes in eating or sleeping habits
  • mood swings
  • weight loss or weight gain
  • hanging out with different friends
  • losing interest in their favorite activities

You may also notice that your teen is no longer interested in their appearance. Teens who are using drugs may also start to have problems in school or have issues with friends. Any of these on their own may not be a sign that your child is using drugs.  However, the more signs you are noticing, the greater the chance that, yes, your kid is on drugs. 

In addition to the signs above, you may see more outward physical symptoms. Those misusing opioids will have pinpoint pupils. Teens using alcohol, marijuana, or other depressants may exhibit slurred speech or drowsiness. Your child repeatedly complaining of being sick in a flu-like way or appearing sweaty could also be signs of drug use. Answering the question “is my kid on drugs” requires being a detective and piecing together the clues in front of you. Sometimes, it may just be a sense that you have that something is not right. When in doubt, go with your gut instinct because you know your child. 

How Do I Get My Kid Help if They’re on Drugs?

If you discover that your kid has been using drugs, you’ll find a world of options available to get them on the road to recover. The Last House is here to help keep them on that road. We are a network of sober living homes in the heart of West Los Angeles. We believe in providing our clients with the tools to have a meaningful life and participate in their sobriety.  Activities such as service commitments, sober parties, conventions, dances, and house outings are all a part of helping you learn how to have fun in sobriety.  If you’re helping your teen create a sober life, The Last House is here to help. Contact us today. 

What Are Sober Living Homes in Southern California?

Getting sober is one thing. Staying sober is another. When you leave rehab, you may be excited and nervous all at one time. You have started to learn how to live a new life, but you don’t yet have a lot of experience staying sober. You may feel pressured to do this recovery thing perfectly. We’re here to help you see that not only is that impossible, but it’s also not required. Instead, try to see the decisions you make in early recovery through the lens of supporting your recovery rather than achieving perfection. One way to support your recovery is to live in a sober living home in Southern California. This is especially true if your pre-rehab living space is a place you associate with drinking or using drugs.  The Last House is here to help you build on the work you’ve done to get sober so that you can stay sober. 

Benefits of Sober Living Homes for Addiction Recovery

Often when we are deep in our active addiction, we lose touch with living our lives and become solely focused on using. While you were active in your addiction you may have stopped paying attention to taking care of your body, holding down a job, having relationships with loved ones, and more. You may have lost everything and the thought of starting sober can be overwhelming. This is especially true if you don’t have a place to live after rehab or have never lived in a stable home. Sober living homes in Southern California can be your port in the storm after rehab. Sober living houses offer a living environment that supports maintaining a recovery lifestyle. 

Sober living provides safe and stable housing, which is an essential foundation in early recovery. By living in a sober living home, you take the pressure off yourself while learning how to live in recovery. Research has demonstrated that those who reside in a sober living house can make and sustain changes that support their recovery.  Learning how to socialize, work, and live without using is a part of early recovery. Learning to do this while in a sober living home can make it seem less overwhelming. Many sober living homes host social outings, provide structure, and require you to participate as a member of the house. 

More than anything, the benefit of living in a sober living home is community. Early recovery can feel a bit like navigating chopping waters in a small rowboat. A sober living home offers more stability while surrounded by others in those same waters. Addiction is a lonely and isolating disease. Community and connection are how you get and stay sober. At The Last House, we’ve even incorporated rescue dogs into our program so that you can enjoy the love of a dog and the responsibility of helping care for a pet. While it is possible to do recovery alone, it is those who find and build a support network that enjoy the most success in recovery. You don’t have to do early recovery alone. 

Sober Living at The Last House

The Last House Sober Living is a network of structured sober living homes in Southern California. We believe in providing our clients with the tools to have a meaningful life and participate in their own sobriety.  

We’ll help you learn how to live and have fun in sobriety through service commitments, sober parties, conventions, dances, and house outings.  Our experienced staff is composed of active members of the Los Angeles Sober Living community. If you’re wondering where to start to create your sober life, The Last House is here to help!