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OCD and Addiction


OCD and Addiction by Claire Godden While alcohol and drugs may provide a temporary reprieve from symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), the combination only serves to worsen the condition over time. "Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear" -  Mark Twain Seeking early treatment for OCD  is extremely important but it's never too late to get help even if you've been suffering with this illness for some time. Seeking treatment early for addiction is, of course, just as important. OCD sufferers experience seemingly uncontrollable, unwanted, and intensely fearful thoughts. Instead of dismissing these intrusive thoughts, [...]

OCD and Addiction2017-10-31T19:30:37-07:00

Anger Management


Anger Management by Claire Godden "I don't need anger management. I need everyone else to stop pissing me off" The topic of Anger Management during recovery must not be overlooked. An addict may be using substances to control or mask anger or to numb feelings in general. But numbing and, therefore, avoiding the feeling means you will never break the cycle of anger, reactive outburst, negative consequence and subsequent fallout. Anger unchecked will destroy your relationships and your health. Handled constructively however, you can build your sense of self-worth and greatly improve relationships with others. Anger is a normal, healthy, human [...]

Anger Management2017-10-06T21:29:17-07:00

Chronic Relapse


Chronic Relapse Author: Claire Godden Addiction in itself is a chronic brain disease and anyone who is attempting sobriety is at risk for relapse. But what makes some of us stay in recovery while others relapse over and over again? The cycle that is chronic relapse happens for a variety of reasons and can mean that the underlying causes of addiction have either not been fully addressed or treatment needs repeating in order to work properly. Recovery is a lifelong commitment and relapse is a common and expected part of the process for some. It's important to remember that chronic relapse [...]

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