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Substance Abuse vs Substance Dependence vs Substance Addiction


The debate between substance abuse, substance dependence and addiction is on-going. Many addiction specialists and professionals use these terms interchangeably and see no difference. Where as others view each term is a separate experience with it’s own qualities. Some find it easier to just focus on substance abuse disorder, which is an actual mental disorder in the DSM. Whether someone is dependent on, addicted to or simply abuses drugs and alcohol, all three present an abundance of issues and consequences.   So what is the difference between these terms? Substance Abuse: When an individual abuses drugs and alcohol it doesn’t interrupt [...]

Substance Abuse vs Substance Dependence vs Substance Addiction2018-08-22T20:42:06-07:00

Thinking Disorders and Substance Abuse


Thinking Disorders and Substance Abuse   What is a thinking disorder? Thought disorder is a term used to describe illnesses that are associated with an impaired capacity to sustain coherent discourse and is reflected in an individual’s verbal and written communication. This mental health condition affects a person’s beliefs, thoughts and perceptions. Thinking disorders have two distinguishable components: Disordered thinking and delusional thinking. Those with disordered thinking struggle to think straight and thoughts come and go quickly. These individuals struggle to pay attention and connect their thoughts logically and reflect this through incoherent or hard to follow conversation. Individuals with schizophrenia [...]

Thinking Disorders and Substance Abuse2018-08-21T20:28:45-07:00

Senior Citizens with Addiction


What does addiction look like in older adulthood? Senior Citizens With Addiction Drug addiction and alcoholism among older adults is a rapidly growing issue that is often underestimated and not give the proper attention. Most people don’t imagine that their elderly loved one could be at risk for substance abuse and addiction. However, there are many risk factors that can lead an older adult into addiction. Older adults, also known as senior citizens or the elderly, are known as individuals above the age of 65. Senior Citizens with Addiction are usually classified into two different groups: the late on-set group and [...]

Senior Citizens with Addiction2018-08-20T19:16:57-07:00

What is a Drug Intervention


Is is effective for addiction and substance abuse?   What is a drug intervention?   For many individuals struggling with substance abuse and addiction, the first step to recovery is an drug intervention. Interventions are used to address substance abuse and addiction related issues. Family, friends and loved ones confront the user with kindness, respect and honesty about how their drug use affects their lives. Drug interventions are carefully planned and typically done in group settings and with a professional drug intervention specialist. The goal of an intervention is to create and motivate positive change, expose any secrets, reduce denial, and [...]

What is a Drug Intervention2018-08-16T20:44:03-07:00

Types of Addiction Treatment Centers


The Different Types of Addiction Treatment Centers: Private, Non-profit and Government Funded   Treatment can be costly and often times the reason that individuals don’t seek treatment for addiction or substance abuse. Not all treatment centers are a good fit for individuals which can also steer individuals away from recovery. Individuals should consult with many treatment centers before deciding on one. During this time, it is important to ask questions, address any concerns and express what the individual is looking for. It’s important to understand the varying types of addiction treatment centers so that an individual can find the one best [...]

Types of Addiction Treatment Centers2018-08-16T20:09:50-07:00

Detox Centers for Substance Abuse


  What is drug detox center? A person may feel mentally ready for sobriety and recovery, however their body may be so dependent on their drug of choice which can interfere with recovery and can actually be life threatening. Becoming substance free is a process that cannot always be done cold turkey. Drugs and alcohol are actually very dangerous to quit and need to be done gradually with the help of medical professionals. Some drugs are so powerful that the body cannot physically handle the natural detoxing process. At drug detox centers, individuals are carefully monitored physically and mentally while their [...]

Detox Centers for Substance Abuse2018-08-15T20:13:06-07:00

Expressive Art Therapy


What is expressive art therapy? expressive art therapy is a creative intervention used to treat mental health and behavioral challenges. This modality uses various disciplines of art such as art therapy, music therapy, drama therapy, dance therapy, creative writing therapy, play therapy and sand-play therapy. The combination of these creative processes help individuals, groups and communities grow, heal, illuminate, create, and develop clarity. expressive art therapy draws on many modalities within the context of psychotherapy and medicinal practices.   Types: Art Therapy- Uses visual arts and media in therapy. Music Therapy- Music is used to improve psychological, physical, cognitive and social [...]

Expressive Art Therapy2018-08-14T18:29:56-07:00

Guided Imagery


Guided imagery, sometimes referred to as guided meditation, visualization, mental rehearsal, and guided self hypnosis, is technique used by mental health professionals. This technique connects the body and mind by using imagination and mental images to evoke emotions and deep relaxation. This gentle and powerful approach can also be traced back to Ancient Greece, Chinese medicine and American Indian traditions. Throughout history, guided imagery has taken on many forms, such as psychodrama which was developed in the U.S. during the 1940’s. Other forms of meditation have been effective in treating chronic pain and other serious physical illnesses. The Academy of Guided [...]

Guided Imagery2018-08-10T20:39:37-07:00

Coping Skills in Recovery


What are Coping Skills in Recovery? Coping Skills in Recovery are methods that individuals use to deal with stressful situations and sensations. Everyone, including animals have coping skills. People’s coping skills consist of the thoughts and actions that one uses to deal with distress or threats. Coping Skills in Recovery are both learned and innate and can be healthy or unhealthy. For example, children learns a lot by observing the people around them. A parent may model drinking alcohol as a coping skill which is something the child may adopt later on in life. This is why it is important that [...]

Coping Skills in Recovery2018-08-09T20:06:58-07:00

Internet Addiction


What is Internet Addiction?   Now-a-days, almost everyone uses the internet. In fact, it’s pretty hard to live now without it. Around 90% of Americans use the internet regularly. The internet has expanded our world and has helped us evolve as humans. We are now able to access information, shop, chat and play games with just a click of a button or a tap. Our education and knowledge has become more advanced with the endless access to information. We are able to communicate with people that live across the world, across different time zones and stay connected with them on a [...]

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