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Family Systems Theory


What is Family Systems Theory? Family systems theory is a theory of human behavior and was developed to better understand individuals and the complex relationships and dynamics within families. In the 1950’s an American psychiatrist, Murray Bowen came up with the Family Systems Theory. After a long time of observing and analyzing patterns and relationships within families, Bowen noticed that individuals are best understood in the context of their families and families are best understood when they are viewed as a whole unit. Furthermore, individuals within a family are interdependent on one another; their thoughts, emotions and behaviors are heavily influenced [...]

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Young Adult Drug Treatment Program


  Young Adult Drug Treatment Program What is young adulthood? Young adulthood, also known as “the in-between age”, is a pivotal stage in life. This stage of life includes anyone ranging from the age of eighteen to thirty-five. Young adulthood is described as rapid changes in emotional, cognitive, physiological, sexual and relational development. For most young adults, this chapter includes features like identity exploration, instability, self-focus, feeling intermediate, and endless possibilities. Individuals in this developmental stage can prosper and thrive or struggle because of the complex transition from adolescence to adulthood.   Young adulthood is unique in the sense that people’s [...]

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Learned Helplessness


What is it and why does it happen?   Learned helplessness occurs when someone is continuously exposed to aversive environments and negative outcomes. Individuals develop learned helplessness when they feel they have no control over their life which leads to acting in a helpless manner because in their eyes there is no use in trying. Although learned helplessness was originally discovered in dogs, the impact has been consistently seen in humans and has since become a basic principal in behavior theory.   Most humans can relate to learned helplessness in some way or another. For example, someone who continuously tries to [...]

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Failure to Launch and Substance Abuse


    Young adults are having a harder time moving out their childhood homes and are continuing to live with their parents well after high school and college. Now the average age to move out is 27! In fact, out of the 10 million millennials in the U.S., about 32% live with their parents. This phenomenon is called Failure to Launch.   So why is Failure to Launch a big deal you might ask?   Besides a negative shift in the economy such as educational debt, low homeowner ship and rent, low wages, etc., there can also be negative emotional affects [...]

Failure to Launch and Substance Abuse2018-05-14T18:13:31-07:00

The Benefits of Therapy During 12 Steps


The Benefits of Therapy During 12 Steps   Mental health services like therapy helps people function better daily, live well and cope with daily stressors. In the world of mental health, therapy is defined as any technique that helps improve and change one’s behaviors, feelings and thoughts and is guided by theory. Mental health therapy comes in many different forms and modalities. Each therapy method provides its own benefits to service users. Service users usually feel instantly better once therapy has started because a sense of hope is developed. As social beings, having someone to talk to can immediately help someone feel [...]

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Wilderness Treatment for Young Adults & Teens


Wilderness Treatment for Young Adults And Teens Explore. Uncover. Change.   Wilderness treatment for young adults is also known as adventure-based therapy and outdoor behavioral healthcare. This research-based treatment modality has been in existence for the last thirty years and focuses on behavior modification and interpersonal self improvement in a wilderness setting. Exposing individuals, mostly teens and young adults, to the outdoors provides an opportunity to problem solve, unveil existing problems, gain resilience, courage and self esteem. With the right tools and competent professionals, anyone can benefit from wilderness therapy. Physical activity is prominent in wilderness therapy and that alone can [...]

Wilderness Treatment for Young Adults & Teens2018-04-02T17:33:17-07:00

Am I Suffering From Insomnia?


Am I Suffering From Insomnia? Most people experience periods of time when they have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, however for those with insomnia this is an ongoing struggle. Insomnia affects 30-40% of Americans a year and can have detrimental affects.   What is insomnia?   Insomnia is on going and includes a range of sleep disorders. The three most common types, Transient Insomnia, Acute Insomnia and Chronic Insomnia, affect millions of people around the world. Transient Insomnia occurs when symptoms last up to three nights. Acute Insomnia, also called short-term insomnia, is when symptoms persist for several weeks. Chronic [...]

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Codependency and Recovery


Codependency and Substance Abuse:   What is codependency?   Before defining codependency, it’s important to differentiate dependence from interdependence. Although these terms sound similar, co-dependence is very different. Having needs and comfortably relying (depending) on others is healthy and a part of life. Interdependence is when both individuals mutually rely on each other and the relationship is equal; this is most ideal.   Co-dependency (often referred to as “relationship addiction”) occurs when someone relies on the other for meeting nearly all of their emotional and self esteem needs. Two individuals who are overly dependent on one another create a co-dependent union. [...]

Codependency and Recovery2019-08-28T20:24:14-07:00

Career Counseling


            You’ve probably heard or been asked many time as a child, “what do you want to be when you grow up?”  I remember some of my classmates were able to answer right away with things like, “a teacher, a race care driver, a doctor, a professional soccer player”, the list goes on.  I, on the other hand never really had a definite answer. At first I wanted to be a chicken (that was when I was really little), and then an artist, a pop star, a cop, a forensic psychologist, you name it. Although I [...]

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Art Therapy and Substance Abuse


Art Therapy and Substance Abuse     Have you ever noticed how much listening to music on a drive home relaxes you after a long day? Maybe you’ve even felt the sensation of being taken to another place when drawing! It’s possible you’ve experienced the therapeutic benefits of art.     What is art therapy? There are many types of therapy modules used by mental health professionals in treating individuals with mental illness and substance abuse disorders. Art therapy is one of them and is used as a means of expression through creativity to improve a person’s physical, mental, and emotional [...]

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