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Bringing Home the Elephant: The rise of at-home overdoses during quarantine


Bringing Home the Elephant: The rise of at-home overdoses during quarantine Co-authored by Chris Kirby and Joanna Lilley   Hiding an addiction while under the same roof as family might have worked in the past, especially if only visiting for short periods of time.  With the sheltering in place, families have found their adult children returning home to temporarily stay safe from COVID-19.  But that order has lasted far longer than most folks originally anticipated.  There is no hiding now.     While hospitals are trying to triage beds for those impacted by COVID-19, they are finding a tug-of-war situation for admits.  [...]

Bringing Home the Elephant: The rise of at-home overdoses during quarantine2020-05-27T08:34:33-07:00

Structured Sober Living


Structured Sober Living My name is Matt Fidlow, and I am from Chicago, IL. I had a great family with two loving parents. The first time going through treatment, I was 22 years old and just wanted to earn some trust with my parents. I had no plans to quit. However, I did go there, hoping I could learn to manage my use. Anyone who has struggled with addiction knows that this is not possible. The second time in treatment, I had come to an understanding that I was an addict, and I needed to make a change. This began a [...]

Structured Sober Living2020-04-02T13:13:12-07:00

Derek S. Last House Success Story


Derek S. Last House Success Story Sobriety has given me a lot so far -- some things that I didn’t think were possible. One of those things is a healthy relationship with my brother. As brothers, him and I grew up with resentments towards one another in all ways one could possibly imagine. Yet as we reached our teen years, it got worse due to the fact that we began drinking and using drugs together. Thus, unfortunately, this became our relationship with each other. Not only did it take a strain on us, it took a massive toll on our family. [...]

Derek S. Last House Success Story2020-03-27T02:42:18-07:00

How Surfing Helped Me Get Sober


Surf Therapy: “Be careful, It may just save your life,” is what Johnny Utah, played by Keanu Reeves in the 1991 Blockbuster “Point Break,” is told when he buys his first surfboard at the beginning of the movie. It shows a lost, angry and egotistical Utah with something to prove after losing a football career due to injury. The surfboard salesman recognizes he is spiritually dead and knows that surfing can holistically save his life. I started surfing in my teen years. It was exciting, thrilling and frankly one of the coolest things I had ever done. The more important drugs [...]

How Surfing Helped Me Get Sober2020-03-27T02:45:05-07:00

Staying Safe and Sober During the Corona Virus


Staying Safe and Sober During the Corona Virus The Last House is Committed to Staying Safe and Sober During the Corona Virus.  Well, it’s a strange time we are currently living in. Mobs of people lined up in front of Costco at 5am, waiting for the doors to open in 5 hours so they can raid the toilet paper section. Grocery stores with empty shelves, all the frozen and non-perishable food completely bought up each day. Employees being sent home from work. Every sports league, gym, concert and event postponed or cancelled. Warnings on the TV that masks don’t work, they [...]

Staying Safe and Sober During the Corona Virus2020-03-17T21:07:11-07:00

Steven M.


Steven M. When I came into the house I was depressed, angry, and manipulative. I was hopeless about having any sort of productive life. There was no such thing as a future where I would be able to live a life that was satisfactory. I wished for nothing more than to die. Even though all of these feelings still pop up from time to time, I am now able to see the beauty of the struggle; feeling the pain of now knowing that there is a better day on the horizon as long as I continue to do the right thing. [...]

Steven M.2020-03-02T16:27:19-07:00

Congrats to Graduate Pete E.


Pete E. Before I came to the Last House my life and my outlook on it was bleak. My whole life I have suffered from my mental illness and my battle with depression. I let my very life sink down into an abyss of self-pity, victimization, and morbid reflection on how it had turned out and how the world had done me wrong. All of this was how I was living before I discovered that if I self medicated with alcohol life didn’t seem so bad, or at least I didn’t care if it was. Of course it started off as [...]

Congrats to Graduate Pete E.2020-03-01T23:42:38-07:00