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Matt W. – A Last House Success


  Before I came to The Last House I was a broken little boy who was angry and ran away from what life threw at him. I knew I could not drink like a normal person but I didn’t care. My reality was too much for me to go through sober. My alcoholism drove me to some very dark places and to hurt people I loved the most. There were so many signs in my life that showed me I needed to change. Getting kicked out of rehab and living in a crack house was not enough. My dad walking in [...]

Matt W. – A Last House Success2020-01-19T22:16:27-07:00

Acupuncture as an Alternative to Opioids


Acupuncture as an Alternative to Opioids Pain medication prescriptions are at an all-time high and alongside it, the opioid addiction rate also increases.  Opioids are a good form of pain relief when taken as prescribed but if they are abused they are one of the most addictive types of analgesic available.  As more and more people are prescribed them the medication has become more freely available and thereby open to abuse.   Why is it being called an ‘ Opioid Epidemic’? As addiction rates have risen so have deaths directly related to overdose and now the overdose rate for prescription opioids [...]

Acupuncture as an Alternative to Opioids2019-12-16T14:14:09-07:00

Medication Assisted Treatment


What You Need to Know About Medication-Assisted Treatment The withdrawal process for substance abuse can be painful or, in some cases, even fatal.  As a result, there are several medications to help that are used within medically controlled environments.  These medications assist people with the most difficult part of their recovery from drug or alcohol addiction and keep them safe whilst they go through the detoxification process. Medication-Assisted Treatment: Help with the Symptoms of Withdrawal Addiction recovery is challenging and success depends both on the substance used and how the individual is assisted with the early symptoms of withdrawal.  These cravings [...]

Medication Assisted Treatment2019-12-11T15:37:55-07:00

Last Day to Apply for The Last House College Scholarship!


Today is the deadline for The Last House College Scholarship applications.  If you haven't applied yet, today is your last chance to apply for $1000 in financial aid for the spring semester of college.  The Last House is dedicated to furthering the personal development of those who are trying to improve their lives.  In that spirit, we are offering a $1,000 college scholarship to individuals who are interested in mental health education.  Ideally, we would like to choose a candidate whose life has been affected by Drugs or Alcohol and who is looking to help those who are still suffering. Requirements [...]

Last Day to Apply for The Last House College Scholarship!2019-12-11T15:40:48-07:00

10 key Advantages of Long Term Rehab


10 Key Advantages of Long Term Rehab Treatment options for drug and alcohol abuse have grown in recent years, but long-term rehab remains one of the best methods and provides a level of care that many other shorter options do not.  Often entering a drug rehab facility is what makes the difference between relapse and long-term sobriety. Some of the shorter options include ‘cold turkey’ withdrawal or outpatient treatments.  Neither of these will provide the consistency of physical and psychological support that a long-term option does.  Additionally, long-term facilities offer safety and supervision which many addicts need and find reassuring. Choosing [...]

10 key Advantages of Long Term Rehab2019-12-09T17:21:33-07:00

Fentanyl Abuse:  The Prescription Killer


Fentanyl Abuse:  The Prescription Killer What is Fentanyl? Fentanyl is a drug given to relieve chronic pain.  The opioid shot to fame after the rock icon Prince died as a result of an accidental overdose of the drug.   Fentanyl is one of the strongest prescription painkillers available and is currently taken by millions of people across the US to help control their pain.  However, it is also fast becoming a drug of abuse.   All opioids treat pain effectively but carry a risk of addiction.  The problem with Fentanyl is its strength and the way it works.  Fentanyl was developed [...]

Fentanyl Abuse:  The Prescription Killer2019-12-06T17:33:44-07:00

How to Help Your Child Stop Smoking Pot


How to Help Your Child Stop Smoking Pot It is normal to feel emotional if you find that your son or daughter has been using marijuana.  These emotions can range from the guilt that you did not take action before, or you could just feel upset at the thought that your child has started abusing the drug.  Whatever your feelings, drug use is something that many parents of teens face.  It can be difficult to tackle but you must work with your child to address the issue before it goes too far. Finding Out Your Child is Smoking Pot Most teens [...]

How to Help Your Child Stop Smoking Pot2019-12-05T14:48:29-07:00

How Can I Help My Son Stop Drinking?


How Can I Help My Son Stop Drinking? Alcohol is legal and many young adults find it easy to obtain.  Even those who are not legally old enough to drink can often find someone willing to buy it for them, or they can find it at home or in the home of their friends.  As a result of this ease of access, it is one of the common substances that young adults experiment with and some of them will go on to abuse it. If you start to suspect that your child is drinking alcohol you will want to tackle the [...]

How Can I Help My Son Stop Drinking?2019-12-02T16:44:28-07:00

The Abuse of Prescription Stimulants by College Students


The Abuse of Prescription Stimulants by College Students Alongside abuse of alcohol and drugs, there is an increasing problem of prescription stimulant drug abuse among college students.  These drugs are legal and often easy to obtain. Many students are reporting that they have used a prescribed stimulant to help improve their academic performance.  In fact, in a survey, 58% of students said that they knew their friends abused these drugs and around 28% said they had shared their prescribed stimulants.  52% of those students who had been legally prescribed these drugs had experienced peer pressure to share them with others. As [...]

The Abuse of Prescription Stimulants by College Students2019-11-26T13:51:26-07:00

The Problem of Drug Abuse in Sports With Young Adults


The Problem of Drug Abuse in Sports With Young Adults Drug abuse in sports is an ongoing issue in the sporting community.  Not only is it bad for the health of the individual athlete but when celebrity athletes are found to be abusing drugs it also presents a bad role model for impressionable young adults. The growth of drug abuse can be linked directly to the increasing emphasis on winning.  This has taken root within society as a whole and has spread to the world of sports.   Sadly, many athletes, including teens and young adults, start to find new ways of [...]

The Problem of Drug Abuse in Sports With Young Adults2019-11-25T14:03:27-07:00