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How to Confront your Child if you suspect they are using Drugs


How to Confront your Child if you suspect they are using Drugs Parents don't suddenly wake up one morning with the fear that their child is using drugs; it is usually something that develops over time because they have noticed signs that something is not quite right. It could be that a previously good student has started to drop their grades.  Perhaps they are hanging out with a bad crowd, becoming more secretive or their behavior has deteriorated.   There could be more concrete reasons why, as a parent, you have become suspicious; you are finding your money gone, they look different [...]

How to Confront your Child if you suspect they are using Drugs2019-10-15T11:53:01-07:00

A Natural High – Fitness an alternative to drugs


Fitness A Natural High - As an alternative to drugs Long term sobriety is the main goal of treatment for drug and alcohol addiction but unless treatment is delivered holistically it is not likely to be successful in the long term. Substance abuse does not just take a toll on physical health, mental health is also compromised.  It is essential that both mental and physical health are assessed in order to provide the best therapies with the highest possible chance of success.   As well as being effective, therapies must also engage the client and one of the things that do [...]

A Natural High – Fitness an alternative to drugs2019-10-08T17:11:30-07:00

Best Addiction Documentaries for Teens


Best Addiction Documentaries for Teens In the mainstream media drug and alcohol use can often be portrayed as normal or even glamorous and teens are impressionable, especially when their favorite stars can be seen using them and having fun.  Documentaries can add some much needed realism into the view of drugs in a world which rarely looks at the negative aspects of substance abuse and focuses on the so-called benefits. On the occasions when the mainstream media does show the consequences of substance/alcohol abuse this is often seen as a normal consequence of  ‘having a good time’, rather than something that [...]

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Last House Success Story – Mike W


When I came to The Last House, I was a coward.  I was incapable of looking at myself or critiquing myself in a meaningful way.  My ego was through the roof and I didn’t really take to heart any advice or feedback that was given to me.  I would pretend to listen just to get people off my back and then to myself thing that it was bullshit. I lived in my own world and truly believed that I was the smartest person in any room I walked into.  My heart was filled with hate and I was just resentful at [...]

Last House Success Story – Mike W2019-09-25T12:39:15-07:00

Last House Success Story – Peace S.


When I entered The Last House I was nothing, but a broken, angry, stuck up little kid. I thought I knew better than everyone else, because everyone else was out to get me. I was anxious and insecure and wore a mask to cover all of that up. Luckily, the house saw right through all of that and helped me work on my character defects. They were there for all of my weak ass attempts to leave, they were there when I wanted to get high, and they continuously pushed me in the right direction. It was hard to buy in [...]

Last House Success Story – Peace S.2019-09-24T13:19:18-07:00

Last House Success Story – Kevin M.


I came into The Last House one year ago today as a lost grown little kid mentally thinking that if I just make money and distract myself from what is really going on I will be okay and look back at my addiction as just a speed bump, and keep going on with life. Growing up the youngest of 4 kids, I also felt like I never had a voice in my house, so I sought attention outside of the house from my peers, but always feeling a little off and not knowing what it was. I went all of high [...]

Last House Success Story – Kevin M.2019-09-06T14:37:40-07:00

Structured Sober Living Success Story


My name is Miles and am 31 years old. I have been sober since November 11, 2014. I am an alcoholic and also used other drugs. My drug of choice was Crystal Meth. Before coming to The Last House, I was at an all-time low. My life was becoming more and more unmanageable. I had been using drugs every day for 5 years. I was able to function as an addict for some time but little by little problems would come up. I burned all my bridges, no one wanted anything to do with me. At the end my car was [...]

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Defining Sobriety: Getting Sober in Los Angeles


By dictionary definition, sobriety is simply the act of not drinking or using substances. In actuality, however, sobriety can mean a number of different things, and the way we choose to define sobriety for ourselves can define our recovery. As a sober living facility for men in Los Angeles, we choose to define sobriety as not just refraining from substance use, but as making necessary lifestyle changes which allow us to be the best versions of ourselves we can be. Through sober living methods that teach the importance of brotherhood, unity, accountability, and responsibility, we learn to rebuild ourselves into powerful, [...]

Defining Sobriety: Getting Sober in Los Angeles2019-01-03T12:00:35-07:00

Starting 2019 Sober: Best Year Ever


We’ve made it. 2019 is finally upon us, and with every new year comes new opportunities to better ourselves, achieve our goals, and become the men we always knew we could be. Year one of the recovery journey can duly be one of the most challenging and rewarding years of our lives-- and there’s no better time to get started than right now. As a sober living facility in Los Angeles, many of our men come to us not just for help getting sober, but in order to work on strategies that will help them maintain their sobriety while living in [...]

Starting 2019 Sober: Best Year Ever2019-01-01T12:00:57-07:00

Let Your Feelings Fuel You


Ever notice how fierce competitors like to get slapped before the start of an intense fight? It’s not because they like the pain. It’s because the pain fuels them. Sober living is a lot like that slap in the face. It’s gonna hurt like heck, but if we let it, it can make us even more amped up to go out and take control of our lives when we graduate. If we end up liking it, we’ll see gains in our lives like never before. The Big Book is very direct about the importance of pain in recovery. “Pain is the [...]

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