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Looking for a Rehab in Los Angeles?

According to research, the number of people who are suffering from drug and alcohol addiction in the U.S. amounts to 23.5 million. In the U.S. one of the most widely known substance abuse disorder is alcohol abuse. In the U.S. the third most preventable death causes are alcohol-related deaths. In society today, the recreational abuse and use of prescription drugs still remain an increasing health problem. In the U.S. drug overdose deaths are highly caused by overdoses on prescription drugs. It is advisable to seek help at once in case you or someone you love has substance abuse issues. Only 11% out of the millions of Americans who struggle with addiction actually get the much-needed treatment. It is advisable to ask a mental health professional for help. There will be many options to consider when in search of a rehab in L.A. This page should guide you to know the importance of addiction treatment and have a better understanding of the disease of addiction.

What is Addiction?

Addiction is known as a medical condition which leads to uncontrolled seeking and using of drugs irrespective of the harmful effects it has on the addict and people nearby. There is a common mistaken belief that drug or alcohol addicts lack moral principles or willpower. This is a common mistaken belief. Addiction is a disease which is complex. For an addict, it takes more than more than just a strong will and good intentions to decide to stop using. If adequate treatment is received by the individual, there is a possibility of physical and emotional recovery. Treatment programs have been put in place to address both the underlying causes and substance abuse issues which led to the drug and alcohol dependence developing.

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The Last House Sober Living  has been helping men recover for over 10 years. Our Los Angeles structured sober living homes offer accountability and a path to lasting recovery.

Does My Child Have a Drug Problem?

Seeing a child suffering from substance abuse issues as a parent, makes you feel powerless and scared. There are signs and symptoms to take note of so as to know if your child has a drug problem. When a child is using alcohol or drugs, the first things noticed by parents are significant emotional and behavioral changes. It is advisable that you look for help at once if you have a feeling that your child may be using drugs. There is no such thing as intervening too early or being too safe. You will decrease the physical and emotional consequences which addiction has and also have a good chance of succeeding if you take action immediately you sense trouble.

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How Long is Rehab?

Different programs of different lengths are offered by drug and alcohol treatment facilities. There are unique needs which every addicted individual has beyond substance abuse problems which ought to be pointed out and addressed during the treatment process. These are the lengths of rehab programs but they can go beyond this:

– 28-30 days
– 60 days
– 90 days
– Long-term recovery: above 90 days

The severity of an individual’s addiction and the individual’s needs are some of the factors which will help in determining the program length which best suits that addicted individual. According to research, higher success rates come from long-term programs. The right course of action will best be determined after a mental health professional in the field of addiction has done an assessment.

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Will My Insurance Cover Addiction Treatment?

It is fortunate that people recognize addiction to be a medical condition. Individuals registered in an outpatient or inpatient treatment facility are offered some type of coverage by many insurance companies. It is unfortunate that individuals staying in Californian sober living homes are not offered assistance by insurance companies.

What Happens After Rehab?

When an inpatient rehab program has been completed, treatment for addiction doesn’t just end. There is no finish line for recovery. As a means of achieving long-term sobriety, the individual has the portion to keep taking part in their recovery. Transitioning into a sober living when done with rehab is often recommended for an individual to recover well. In addition to staying in a sober living, individuals who are recovering should communicate and work with a sponsor, attend 12-step program meetings, create good habits and health routines good for sobriety and attend therapy sessions so as to address any internal conflicts which have not been resolved.

Why is Sober Living after Rehab Important?

If you are looking for a rehab in Los Angeles, The Last House is a great place to consider.  After individuals complete an inpatient rehab treatment program, it is advisable that they transition to a sober living home. We have 30, 60 or 90-day programs offered by most rehab facilities. More support is usually needed, even though this first step is a positive one on the way to recovery. The necessary structure, safety, and support needed for an individual to establish a good foundation in recovery is offered by sober living homes. It is advisable for young adults and adolescents to stay in treatment for not less than a year and up to a year and a half. As earlier stated, the likelihood of success will be greater if the individual stays in treatment for long. Since 2010, men have been helped to overcome substance abuse issues and addiction at The Last House.

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