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The Foundation

The Foundation House in Mar Vista at The Last House Sober Living

Come discover a true community of men dedicated to recovering from mental health issues at The Last House’s Mar Vista Foundation House location. The Foundation is our mental health-focused sober living home. Located in the heart of West Los Angeles, The Foundation House provides our residents with a truly unique experience in Los Angeles transitional living. 

Welcome to The Foundation House

The Foundation House in Mar Vista is unlike most transitional living homes in Los Angeles. We created a community environment where residents can build their self-esteem, create lifelong relationships, and where recovery thrives. 


Introduction to Mental Health Independent Living

There is commonly a parallel between people who suffer from mental illness and those who suffer from substance use disorder because the two frequently overlap, and sometimes one may even cause the other. In rehab, this is typically categorized as a dual diagnosis, and people are treated for the two issues simultaneously. The treatment is different for someone suffering from both mental health problems and addiction to drugs or alcohol than it would for someone who is just suffering from one of the two. 

It is common for these two issues to overlap because a lot of the time one problem provokes the other. On the one hand, someone who suffers from mental illness may end up drinking or using drugs to numb the pain and drown out the thoughts that are running through their minds. On the other hand, drugs may alter the state of a person’s brain, and as a result can bring about mental illness that was not present prior to the drug addiction. 

Mental health treatment typically comprises several treatment options including psychotherapy, medication, support groups, self-help plans, and more. Many people diagnosed with mental illness achieve strength and recovery by participating in group or individual therapy; however, each person’s illness is different and each individual responds differently to treatments. Some psychotherapy options include cognitive behavioral therapy, exposure therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and more. 

Mental health sober living offers methods of treatment for those suffering from both mental illness and addiction simultaneously with the help of expert medical professionals who are trained in diagnosing and treating these disorders together. Studies have shown that when treating these disorders concurrently, there is a significantly lower amount of suicide attempts and psychotic episodes from people as they work through recovery. 

Mental health independent living is the best possible means of recovery for someone with a dual diagnosis. The sober living experience offers individual treatment for both their mental health disorder and their addiction problems through a means of individual and group therapy, support groups, family therapy, holistic treatments, and medication. Meeting with psychologists and medical practitioners who specialize in dual diagnosis treatment will provide an individual with personalized attention that speaks to their specific recovery journey.   

At The Last House, we dedicate our time and care to giving our clients the tools they need to achieve a long-lasting and fruitful recovery. The Last House is a place where sober living and mental health independent living collide to open your minds up to a life full of meaning and fulfillment. All our clients deserve to live a healthier life, and at The Last House we offer the tools needed to achieve that healthy lifestyle for years to come. 

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Benefits of a Mental Health Sober Living Home

Anyone who suffers from a dual diagnosis must receive treatment from medical practitioners who are focusing on both the mental illness and the addiction together. Treatment for dual diagnosis needs to be thorough because it can be tricky understanding the impact that the addiction and the mental illness are having on each other. Ideally, for someone who is getting treated for a dual diagnosis, there will be an integration of services between the psychiatric and the drug counseling professionals to best treat each individual suffering from a co-occurring disorder.

Attending a mental health sober living home allows individuals to receive the level of dedicated and professional care that they need to overcome their disorder. According to the Psychiatric Rehab Association, there are 12 core principles and values that should be instituted by psychiatric rehabilitation practices. Some of which include that psychiatric rehabilitation practitioners convey hope and respect, and they believe that all individuals have the capacity to learn and grow. Another core principle is that psychiatric rehabilitation practices are ‘person-centered’ and are designed to address the unique needs of individuals, consistent with their values, hopes, and aspirations.

At The Last House, we understand that everyone has their own journey and comes from different backgrounds. There are no two same experiences that lead people to dual diagnosis. Some people suffer from mental illness and lean on drugs and alcohol to drown out the voices in their heads. Others may be genetically predisposed to addiction, and the substance abuse led to mental disorders that were not there prior to the drug and alcohol abuse. It is important that each individual is treated as such, and that we guide our methods based on each individual and how their experiences shape them and how they view life.  

A mental health independent living facility also offers individuals a safe space that is different from the environment they are used to living in. Sometimes, it is essential to get away from the problem by physically removing oneself from an environment to truly focus on one’s problems. A mental health sober living home also offers people the opportunity to separate themselves from their issues by truly focusing on themselves and nothing else. Physical space away from family and outside influences is a very critical aspect to recovery, and we want to offer dedicated time and care to each individual as they need it. At home, people may not experience 24-hour, around-the-clock care that they might need to overcome their disorders. 

At The Last House, we offer a safe, comfortable environment for people to recover from their experiences judgment-free and safe from the possibility of relapse. We want our clients to know that we are there with them every step of the way and want them to recover and transition back to normal life as smoothly as possible.  


Why The Last House?

At our mental health sober living home, we treat our clients with the individual care and attention they need to make a full, long-lasting recovery from their mental illness and addiction problems. We understand that each person responds differently to treatments and that each person is coming from a different combination of experiences, therefore we do not offer a one-size-fits-all treatment plan. 

The Last House is a mental health sober living home that has each client’s best interest at heart. We want to encourage our clients to opt for a path of recovery that works for them and their lifestyle. Some people respond to a more holistic approach and outlook on life that helps guide them to sobriety and mental clarity, while others may respond better to medication and therapy. Some people respond to a mixture of the two. Our goal is to help our clients achieve life-long sobriety and mental clarity, and to help everyone rid themselves of the suffering they’ve experienced in life. Our dedicated staff of expert medical professionals works with our clients to guide them toward a better, brighter future. 

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