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Program Director

Andy Allen

More About Andy

Andy Allen has been a member of The Last House team for over a decade. As our Director of Programming, Andy has cultivated much of the structure and program that The Last House implements with much success with their clients over the years.

Andy provides oversight to house structure and programming and training new staff. Andy’s skills and knowledge in family systems and dynamics are used to conduct individualized support for the residents and families. Andy is trained in invitational interventions, which utilize tools that give residents esteem building and responsibility goals of making their own good decisions. He is well-versed in the process of recovery with expertise in leadership and communication.

Andy’s passion for athletics and coaching shows in his ability to motivate residents to acquire new habits. He creates clear-cut goals with residents, loved ones, mental-health professionals, and after-care programs. He’s a creative problem-solver and has a knack for communicating with residents in a way that they respond to and respect, which is key during the early stages of recovery.

Andy was born and raised in Columbus Ohio, moved to Los Angeles to get sober, and has made this his home ever since. Andy has many passions that allow him to find common bonds with everyone who enters the program. He is very passionate about sports and leads the charge in organizing outings playing basketball and softball. He has seen anxiety and depression in residents lessen with the physical health and community that team sports bring.

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