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Director of Admissions

Chris Kirby

More About Chris

Chris Kirby came to The Last House first in 2013 as a client and has since worked in various roles throughout his career at The Last House. He has brought his personal experience and intimate knowledge of client care to his role now as the Director of Admissions and Community Liaison for The Last House.

As a recovery advocate, Chris has honed his skills working as a counselor and in facility management. In 2016 came back to where he considers his home, doing outreach and assessment work for The Last House. Chris brings a wealth of knowledge in motivating clients and loved ones to engage in treatment. He provides education to medical and clinical professionals on methodologies to treat the growing population of young adults suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. He is a trained interventionist who uses opportunities during the assessment process to utilize family systems interventions and create boundaries to assist in the successful completion of treatment.

Chris has traveled the country touring treatment facilities and has a wide network of treatment support services. Chris believes that everyone who calls our intake line deserves to be heard and given resources for change regardless of their diagnosis or financial status.

In his free time, Chris is an avid surfer and fly fisher. He believes strongly in using the power of nature to aid the healing and recovery process. He can often be found at the beaches close to The Last House riding the waves. He has developed our surf program and personally instructs our residents in learning to surf. He often draws parallels between riding the ocean waves and the waves of life and emotions in recovery.

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