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David Duviver

David Duvivier

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David Duvivier got into the recovery field because he understands the struggle and pain of addiction and believes in taking his personal experience to help those in the beginning of that process.
David Duvivier grew up in San Diego, California and has had multiple interventions to try to help him get sober.  After multiple adolescent recovery houses and intensive outpatient programs he finally understood the necessity to be sober and what that takes. At 14 years sober since age 18, he’s found his passions in life from being an avid NBA and LA Lakers fan to playing pick up basketball four times a week.  He’s also expanded on his knowledge of recovery over these years. He’s gained knowledge of cross addictions, mental illness, as well as almost completed his drug and alcohol certification for being a chemical dependency counselor.
David went through a very similar program and has worked in many different recovery programs – He really stands by and believes in what we do at The Last House.  He believes that houses like The Last House are where you find genuine care, compassion, and understanding from the residents to the staff because we all understand how powerful a disease this is and how badly we need each other.