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Josh Cornelius

More About Josh

Josh Cornelius grew up in West Deptford, New Jersey. The middle child of 3 boys, life was a bit rough and unforgiving for Josh. Josh stood out as a young man in high school athletics. He played 3 sports and loved being part of a team. He was a leader in high school football and was offered scholarships at a few different colleges. His life off the field, however, took president over his future and drugs became number one in his life. He went through the ups and downs of addiction and some low-lows that landed him in treatment and then into The Last House program in 2019. Josh has continued to show his affinity to being a member of a team, and being a leader in promoting productive events and sports activities for the clients in the house. He enjoys creating an environment of competition and success through group sports, and we appreciate that Josh can cultivate that atmosphere to add to our program. We are excited to have Josh join us as a Junior Tech at The Last House.

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