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Admissions & Outreach Coordinator

Matt Fidlow

More About Matt

Matt Fidlow grew up in Chicago, Illinois. As a youth, he enjoyed playing soccer and was known as a social butterfly. His battle with addiction began at age 16, and soon he was trapped in a downward spiral. At 25 he had been through multiple treatment episodes and was homeless on the streets of Chicago. Thankfully, while attending residential detox in Los Angeles, Matt heard about the Last House and their success with young men. In a window of willingness, he decided to take a leap of faith, and try it someone else’s way, as his way had long track record of being unsuccessful. During his stay, he developed the life skills necessary for sustainable sobriety and long-term success. He also developed a passion for helping others, and has now been working in treatment since 2015. He has since adopted a beautiful pup named Jasmine, and lives with another graduate that he went through the house with. After completing our program, Matt went to work at Pacific View Recovery Center. He found immediate success there, and worked his way up to Lead Technician. We are super grateful to have him return to The Last House, where he got sober.

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