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Admissions & Outreach Coordinator

Matt Fidlow

More About Matt

Matt Fidlow graduated from The Last House program in 2015 and has since led a blossoming career in recovery, first working at a local residential treatment program in various key roles of facilities management.

Matt joined The Last House in 2017 as our Admissions and Outreach Coordinator . Matt has the unique ability to communicate the intricacies of our program to prospective clients and loved ones, which allows them to feel they are prepared for what is to come in the early days and months of their recovery process. Matt’s ability to connect with families during crises and be an on-call support system for them helps establish a successful transition into The Last House Recovery Program. Matt engages in yearly continuing education on co-occurring disorders and seeks to identify mental health and behavioral risks during the assessment process.

Matt came to Los Angeles from Chicago and has set up roots and a recovery family here. During his off time, Matt is still very involved with the alumni program at the last house and regularly organizes gatherings to get graduates together. He is an avid dog lover and loves to travel.

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