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Phill Sell

Phil Sell

Manager of East House

Originally from New York, Phil first came out to California in 2011 to attend UCLA. He struggled for years continuously going to treatment center after treatment center and countless hospital visits. In his disease he lost his apartment and was dismissed from school. Finally, when he had lost just about everything, he arrived at The Last House a broken man. Going through our program has taught him invaluable skills to live life successfully. Before our program he had never worked a day in his life and depended on his father for everything. As a resident he was able to hold down his first job and work his way back into UCLA. Today he is fully self-supporting and excited to help others succeed who are going through similar struggles. Phil plans to attend medical school in California after UCLA and hopes to eventually conduct medical research.

“I never thought I would work in treatment, but it is one of the most rewarding positions to see the growth in others. I am extremely proud to work at The Last House; a program that I firmly believe in because it saved my life.”