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Scott Ames

Scott Ames

Support Staff

Scott Ames was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa. Scott attended Valley High School located in West Des Moines. After graduating in ’07, he was accepted into the University of Iowa in Iowa City. Scott ended up leaving and began taking classes at DMACC, a community college and pursued his Associate Arts degree.

Some of Scott’s interests include sports, music and traveling. He is a big fan of he Chicago Cubs and the Chicago Bulls. He also enjoy playing basketball on the weekends with the Last House community and other friends. Music is a huge part of Scott’s life. It gives him the strength he needs when times are rough and the motivation to achieve goals he has set for himself. Scott is an avid traveler and in the future he would love to travel to Europe.

“I came to the Last House after my life was in shambles. I was unable to live life on life’s terms. I wrecked almost every relationship that I had including the one with my family. I had gotten to a point where I was only living day to day, not caring about where my life was headed. After graduating the Last House, I gained new friendships and amended the ones I had harmed in the past. I wake up today with a sense of ease and I now strive to be successful in my life.”