Alex N.

Alex N. uncle of graduate May 10, 2016

The Last House has been a blessing in helping my nephew and many other guys I know coming from the worst addictions to find quality sobriety and healthy lifestyles. The Last House is structured with the understanding that an individual's drug and alcohol abuse acted as the solution to the problem rather than the actual problem itself; the problem lies in a twisted perception, flawed ways of thinking, and negative behavior. The drinking and using were symptoms of those problems that became a death march. They begin to see getting loaded as the only way live their lives or cope or have "fun". By getting to the core of how people are addicts, they find positive solutions to help them deal with "life on life's terms." Most importantly through actively participating in a sober community, mutual accountability with their house mates, and relying on one another for support, they overcome the issues that have stopped them from living positive lives. This place is saving lives every day with care, respect and support "one day at a time". The truth is at the end of the day my nephew kinda of sorta had a blast here AND found a whole new cool fun life and great friends with a life full of possibilities. He and our whole family will always be grateful! Thank you.