Jason E.

Jason E. May 21, 2019

The last house changed my life in immense ways. I come from a background of addiction and alcoholism, and I've tried to get and stay sober for numerous years, to no avail.  Once I entered the last house things changed, I learned about my self and my disease.  I learned about the idea that even though the drugs were gone, I was still the same person carrying the same mindset of a drug addict, participating in the same behaviors that got me in trouble and always lead me to the same place, pain and misery.  I was not only hurting myself using, but destroying the lives of those around me, the people that meant the most to me, friends and family.  I was a walking tornado, selfishly taking from everyone and everything around me, however I soon learned I was still selfish even without the drugs!  I spent so long living that lifestyle I became accustomed to it, I knew nothing else, I had no idea how to live!  The last house taught me if I wanted a good life I had to re wire my mind, change my perception, and start living with morals and accountability.  Though the program was a struggle at times completing it was the best decision I have ever made.  I have reached goals I never thought would be possible for someone like me, sustained sobriety, actual sobriety, and changed my behaviors for the better.  My family is in my life today, they trust me and I can be the son, father and brother my family deserve.  I have also formed a support system like nothing I've ever experienced in my life, a brotherhood of men who I can rely on no matter the circumstance.  I can truly say I have become a different person since the day I entered the last house sober living almost 2 and a half years ago.  I am so grateful to the last house, Clayton, Andy, Chris and the rest of the staff for having faith and taking a chance with someone like me, someone others might have deemed hopeless, and giving me the opportunity of participating in this program as well as my life.  I owe my life to the last house.