Noah Graduate September 10, 2015

After 6 years of going in and out of sobriety, jails, and treatment centers, I had the good fortune of landing at the gate of the Last House. What I received is far more than I ever expected. An ideal and effective balance of structure and freedom provided me with the tools and accountability to help me establish a strong foundation, while still giving me room to grow and re-integrate. The staff is accessible and available and shows genuine concern and involvement with each and every resident; they are steadfastly determined to give its residents the chance at a better future. The palpable sense of community nurtured my soul and offered limitless support. The Last House didn’t just give me a life -- it taught me how to live. I’m forever grateful to them for showing me that a return to walking among the living is worth it, that re-creation is possible, that there’s always a way back. The Last House has been a consistent and instrumental part of my sobriety, and has afforded me with an opportunity to live a life I considered never to be possible.