Vlad Fayershteyn

Vlad Fayershteyn August 26, 2015

I came to the last house broken. My marriage was on the rocks and I didn’t know if I would ever be a successful father, husband or a productive member of society. I did almost a decade in the Marines, I struggled for years with excruciating pain, multiple traumatic brain injuries and PTSD which left me hopelessly addicted to painkillers. I knew how to survive very well but had no idea how to live or navigate the minutiae of life, like paying bills, being punctual, how to have healthy boundaries, etc… The very first thing I’ve grown to love about the last is the camaraderie it provides, something I’ve been missing since the Marines… The structure of the house taught me accountability while at the same time showing me that there’s fun an joy in sobriety… With the help of the house I finished my steps, learned that I can have a life of meaning and purpose, my cognitive skills had improved and my PTSD is well under control. My marriage is the most solid it has ever been, I am a good father, husband and a contributing member of society.