Vlad Fayershteyn

I came to the last house broken. My marriage was on the rocks and I didn’t know if I would ever be a successful father, husband or a productive member of society. I did almost a decade in the Marines, I struggled for years with excruciating pain, multiple traumatic brain injuries and PTSD which left me hopelessly addicted to painkillers. I knew how to survive very well but had no idea how to live or navigate the minutiae of life, like paying bills, being punctual, how to have healthy boundaries, etc…

The very first thing I’ve grown to love about the last is the camaraderie it provides, something I’ve been missing since the Marines…

The structure of the house taught me accountability while at the same time showing me that there’s fun an joy in sobriety… With the help of the house I finished my steps, learned that I can have a life of meaning and purpose, my cognitive skills had improved and my PTSD is well under control. My marriage is the most solid it has ever been, I am a good father, husband and a contributing member of society.

Debbie Steele Parent

It means more than I could ever thank you for the wonderful support system and caring men that work for you that has changed Johns life forever and molded him into this wonderful caring, loving and responsible person he is today. I never could believe my life would change for the better not having to worry anymore about Johns wellbeing but I now am at total peace. Although it was very tough for me to let go I am now at a peaceful place in my life, which feels so good. It is such a pleasure to watch John flourish and be so successful my heart is full and I thank each and every person involved. I love coming to visit CA and hope we shall meet one day. Thank you again for believing in John and giving him a safe and secure environment to live in. Grateful

Rachel Corbet Creative Care

I have had the opportunity to work with The Last House on several cases with mutual clients. They are a solid sober living with great staff. I trust them and am so happy to have them as a resource for clients that need a structured and supportive environment to begin the next phase of their recovery

Caitlyn Friend

Awesome sober living. I’ve known a lot of people that have gone through here & this place has worked miracles. Cheaper than a lot of sober livings and yet they offer all the amenities you could ever need (rides, meetings, groups, family-like atmosphere, etc.). Great staff, great house, great owner, definitely recommend.

Melissa Friend

I sent a friend here who had bounced around several different sober living houses. He is soon to take a year cake. The Last House not only helps clients get sober, it provides the support and tools to help people stay sober and build a life.

Suzanne Therapist

The Last House is my go to sober living for men in Los Angeles. Clayton and team are ethical, promote the values of AA in a way that makes me comfortable, and treat clients with respect and dignity. They also can handle tough cases that other sober livings can’t. I recommend them without reservation.


The Last House is a life-changing addiction recovery program. I cannot thank them enough for all they have done to guide and support my son on a most difficult journey. I think they set the high-bar standard for how recovery programs should be run. It’s very structured, disciplined, compassionate and caring. They have my everlasting gratitude

Noah Graduate

After 6 years of going in and out of sobriety, jails, and treatment centers, I had the good fortune of landing at the gate of the Last House. What I received is far more than I ever expected. An ideal and effective balance of structure and freedom provided me with the tools and accountability to help me establish a strong foundation, while still giving me room to grow and re-integrate. The staff is accessible and available and shows genuine concern and involvement with each and every resident; they are steadfastly determined to give its residents the chance at a better future. The palpable sense of community nurtured my soul and offered limitless support. The Last House didn’t just give me a life — it taught me how to live. I’m forever grateful to them for showing me that a return to walking among the living is worth it, that re-creation is possible, that there’s always a way back. The Last House has been a consistent and instrumental part of my sobriety, and has afforded me with an opportunity to live a life I considered never to be possible.

Mike Graduate

I just wanted to take a second to thank you for all that you have afforded me in my life over the past year. There are absolutey no words that can describe how you have positively influenced my life. Through the thick and thin, the bad times and the good, you have been there for me. Today God has allowed me a second chance of life, a new perspective and a new set of glasses to look at the world with. I know that everyone does’nt get this opportunity; this disease is baffling and in short the definition of the word insanity. I must make the most out of this new life, and give away what was so freely givento me by the people I hold dearest in my heart. One of my favorite quotes my Dad blessed me with is “Persistene and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan ‘Press On’ has solved and alway will solve the problems of the human race.” – Calvin Coolidge. It has meant so much in my sobriety and taken on a completely new meaning. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

John Parent

I want to express my gratitude to the staff at The Last House for your devoted service to the recovery of my son, who was in the grips of an evil that destroys those that are in it, as well as those who love them. My son was trusted, respected and cared for, loved and made to feel part of the community. As a result of this dynamic process, my son has recieved some very important blessings, such as reconnecting with is family, making new sober friends, and addressing other importnt areas of his life. The most important change has been the waking up of his spirit. I feel grateful for what was given to him-faith in himself and life.

Sandra Parent

The Last House was a gift to my son and our family. They gave my son a chance to become clean and sober with a compassionate approach that allowed him to become independent and sober without recidivism. The intensive approach, meetings, volunteer work and camaraderie with men that understand addiction and the twelve steps was valuable and successful. Clayton’s leadership and understanding are greatly appreciated. I highly recommend The Last House.

Elaine Parent

The Last House is a life-changing addiction recovery program. I cannot thank them enough for all they have done to guide and support my son on a most difficult journey. I think they set the high-bar standard for how recovery programs should be run. It’s very structured, disciplined, compassionate and caring. They have my everlasting gratitude (parent).

John S. Graduate

I am a proud graduate of The Last House. I’ve been in and out of rehabs and sober livings for ten years and decided to come to LA to do treatment yet again. After inpatient I decided to go to sober living. Definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. This place has the appropriate amount of structure for someone who is newly sober or coming out of inpatient treatment. I would highly recommend The Last House to anyone who is interested in learning what it means to live in sobriety and find balance in every aspect of your life.

Chris Graduate

I was in and out of treatments, sober livings and rehabs for years before I came to The Last House. I constantly wanted to dictate what my recovery would look like, and do it my way. I was so tired of being told “You have so much potential, if only you would apply yourself”

At the Last House not only did I find recovery as a way of life, but I was able to unlock my potential by building healthy habits over the course of a year. The friends I made there are still some of my closest buddies and we have all built respectable lives here in LA.

It was difficult sometimes as a resident; Balancing Chores, Meetings, a Job, a social life, showing the newer residents the ropes. The staff and other residents constantly pushed me to do better. I never new how much potential I really had until my friends and Andy A pushed me past my self imposed limits. Learning how to stand on my own two feet and not complain to my family, or ask them to rescue me one more time is a lesson I’m sure makes my mom is grateful.

I was taught constancy in my program. I found motivation to continue to achieve. I learned how to set and hold healthy boundaries. Through the structure and Accountability at The Last House, i was given the most conducive environment for the 12 steps to have maximum benefit.

I graduated the house fully self sufficient, with the ability to help others. I stay engaged with the house and attend groups, take new guys to meetings and out to enjoy LA. The Gratitude I have for Clayton K, Andy A and all the staff cannot be summed in words.

Alex N. uncle of graduate

The Last House has been a blessing in helping my nephew and many other guys I know coming from the worst addictions to find quality sobriety and healthy lifestyles. The Last House is structured with the understanding that an individual’s drug and alcohol abuse acted as the solution to the problem rather than the actual problem itself; the problem lies in a twisted perception, flawed ways of thinking, and negative behavior. The drinking and using were symptoms of those problems that became a death march. They begin to see getting loaded as the only way live their lives or cope or have “fun”. By getting to the core of how people are addicts, they find positive solutions to help them deal with “life on life’s terms.” Most importantly through actively participating in a sober community, mutual accountability with their house mates, and relying on one another for support, they overcome the issues that have stopped them from living positive lives. This place is saving lives every day with care, respect and support “one day at a time”. The truth is at the end of the day my nephew kinda of sorta had a blast here AND found a whole new cool fun life and great friends with a life full of possibilities. He and our whole family will always be grateful! Thank you.