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The members of our military experience tremendous amounts of trauma while on active duty. Often, long-term deployment and exposure to war, death, and other traumatic events leave veterans with deep emotional and psychological scars. To cope with their feelings, servicemen and women turn to drugs and alcohol to cope with their issues. In comparison, substances may temporarily relieve chronic use, often mushrooms to full-blown addiction. If veterans have a co-occurring mental illness and addiction, it is a long and difficult road to recovery.

If veterans have completed a drug treatment program, Los Angeles sober living for veterans provides essential tools and support to help them strong in their recovery journey. Call The Last House toll-free today if you are looking for top-tier veterans sober living in LA. We offer evidence-based sober living that will transform your life with our Los Angeles sober living for men.

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The Last House Sober Living  has been helping men recover for over 10 years. Our Los Angeles structured sober living homes offer accountability and a path to lasting recovery.

Why Are Veterans Vulnerable to Drug Addiction?

Before we discuss the urgent need for veterans’ sober living in LA, we must first understand why veterans are vulnerable to substance abuse. The most obvious reason is the trauma veterans experience while on active duty. This trauma can include combat, death of fellow soldiers, killing innocent civilians, and destroying cities and the surrounding environment. Experiencing these events over some time leaves visceral imprints on the memories and psyche of veterans.

Another major factor is the length of deployment. Often, veterans are deployed on foreign lands for years at a time. These long periods away from family, friends, and familiar environments deprive veterans of the love and support they need to stay grounded. As a result, some may turn to substances. A third factor are the injuries veterans suffer during active duty. Common injuries experienced by veterans include sight and hearing loss, loss of limbs, brain and spinal cord injuries, and paralysis.

Other factors that make veterans more vulnerable to addiction include:

  • Readjusting to civilian life
  • Family history of substance abuse
  • Pre-existing mental health issues

If you are a newly sober veteran, you must protect your hard-fought recovery at all costs. Undergoing continued treatment at an LA veterans sober living program found at The Last House will empower you to stay on the path of health, happiness, and recovery. Call us today and commit to your long-term well-being at our structured sober living for men in Los Angeles.

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Addiction Statistics in the Veteran Population

Given the job’s high-risk, high-stress nature, it is no surprise that veterans have a higher addiction rate than the civilian population. According to data provided by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, approximately 11% of veterans who visit a medical facility run by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for the first time have a substance use disorder. Of those veterans who have substance abuse issues:

  • More than 80% abuse alcohol
  • Nearly 27% abuse illicit drugs
  • About 7% abuse multiple substances

Of all veterans who enter treatment centers, 65 percent have alcohol as their primary substance of abuse. In general, male veterans are twice as likely to be diagnosed with an alcohol use disorder when compared to female veterans. In regard to illicit drugs, the following statistics paint a shocking picture:

  • Nearly 11% of veterans were admitted to treatment centers for heroin use
  • More than 6% of veterans were admitted to treatment facilities for cocaine use
  • Male veterans are twice as likely to develop an addiction to drugs than female veterans
  • In 2018, 45,000 veterans were diagnosed with an addiction to heroin
  • In 2018, 41,000 veterans were diagnosed with an addiction to painkillers

For many veterans who abuse substances, the abuse itself is often a symptom of a mental health issue. In the veteran population, PTSD is the most common affliction. Statistics provided by Disabled American Veterans show impacts 11-20% of Iraq and Afghanistan War veterans, approximately 12% of Gulf War veterans, and 15% of Vietnam veterans. Other common mental health concerns for veterans include depression as well as the effects of traumatic brain injuries.

Given the complex nature of drug addiction and mental health in veterans, they require specialized treatment. Los Angeles sober living for veterans programs such as The Last House provide much-needed services and support to help veterans stay sober and on the path of long-term health. Call The Last House today.

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The Need For Veterans Sober Living in Los Angeles

For veterans who are newly sober, they must have a solid aftercare program where they receive continued counseling, care, and support. Los Angeles sober living for veterans helps veterans from all branches of service gain confidence in their newfound sobriety. As with almost everyone who is new in recovery, veterans often feel alone and that no one understands what they feel and what they have experienced in their life. Los Angeles sober living for veterans has a solid support network of experienced professionals and peers who have experienced similar struggles in their recovery.

The ultimate goal of LA veterans’ sober living is to provide tools needed to help veterans stay sober for the long term. Many veterans sober living in LA include programs such as counseling and clinical services, 12-step meetings, life and coping skills training, educational workshops, community resources, and relapse prevention programs. Los Angeles sober living programs also encourage peer interaction and support and offer group outings and activities, recreation programs, and other essential services.

Overall, veterans’ sober living programs help clients develop and maintain a strong community committed to living substance free. These critical programs help establish a solid foundation for recovery and change behaviors to sustain recovery. Most importantly, veterans’ sober living in LA encourages self-sufficiency, responsibility, and accountability.

The Last House is Los Angeles’ premier sober living network for veterans. We offer structured sober living that combines clinical support, family involvement, and a strong sense of community. Take your recovery to the next level with help from The Last House; call us toll-free today.

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The Last House Provides Quality Los Angeles Sober Living For Veterans

The Last House provides quality sober living for veterans in Los Angeles. Our structured sober living program helps build trust, develops integrity, and helps clients learn accountability. We also believe that every client who enters our doors is actively participating in their recovery. This is achieved through service commitments, sober parties, conventions, dances, fellowship, and mandatory house outings. Most importantly, clients learn to build a solid support network of recovery that sustains them once they re-enter their daily lives.

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