This short film was curated by an alumni of The Last House, Mike Leary, who now has a successful career in photography and film. Please take a few minutes and watch why The Last House and the people that move through the halls of our homes consider it so special.  Mike is a photographer, videographer, and video editor specializing in a wide array of genres. born and raised in Chicago, Illinois.  Mike relocated to Los Angeles four years ago to pursue a career in the arts.  He is also an avid skateboarder and loves the outdoors.

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Chris Kirby, Director of Admissions at The Last House, stops by Dr Drew’s show to talk about sober living with Bob Forrest and Dr. Drew Pinsky. They discuss the advantages of sober living and how to keep patients alive and well after rehab.

Chris Kirby came to The Last House originally as a client from the San Francisco Bay area. After he graduated from the program, he joined them as a “live-in” manager. He’s worked on the front lines as a DUI school administrator and counselor and at a high end luxury aftercare program where he utilized motivational interviewing to illicit change without the ability to use consequences, and he is fostering hope in families of active drugs users. Chris continues his education by studying the latest assessment driven protocols to increase client retention.