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At THE LAST HOUSE® we have a full gym which is great for high intensity training (eg cross fit).  It is stacked with a bench press, squat rack, platform, dumbells, medicine balls, a bike for cardio, and more!

Annual Ski Trip

The annual ski and snowboard trip to Mammoth Lakes, California has become one of the legendary activities we host for our residents. Graduates from the house rejoin us every year to help continue the tradition, stay connected with the newer residents, and chaperone the group. THE LAST HOUSE® hosts the cabins, food and transportation for the trip. It is a great way to have our residents, get outdoors, get back to nature, and find new friendships in the house. To end our trip on a high note we make a traditional dinner at a place in the village that we have officially become regulars at.

Court Advocacy

Attending court proceedings can be especially intimidating and scary for a resident when he or she has to face it alone. Our staff attends hearings with clients to inform clients about the process, act as a form of support, write progress letters for the court, process the outcome of the hearing afterward, and set strategies for the resident and family.


The foundation of our structure is mainly goal oriented. We want our residents to began to participate in personal, peer, group and extracurricular activities. This creates an environment of accountability and self-reliance, tools that our residents take with them after our program. Our staff facilitates in-house group meetings, morning meditation, goals group,

Professional Management

We have 24 hour on site staff at our facilities. TLH sober livings staff consist of active members of the Los Angeles recovery community and come with years of experience, professional backgrounds, counseling certifications and various expertise in health, wellness and employment services.


We provide a full breakfast everyday and dinners are prepared every night. We have fully stocked kitchens and pantries filled with healthy and nutritious options, including some specialty items upon request. Our residents participate in making meals and learn the value of sitting down with a group of people without outside distractions. During program graduation celebrations and special activities we order or have special food for the occasions to change the pace of the week.

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