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The Last House Sober Living for Men is on a mission to erase the stigma of addiction and help men find their path to lasting recovery. We get it. We’ve been in your shoes and are here to help guide you on your journey.

We believe in providing our clients with the fundamental tools to have a meaningful life, with purpose and usefulness to themselves and those around them. By building trust, developing integrity, learning accountability, change is invoked. We also insist that clients participate in their own sobriety. For example, service commitments, sober parties, conventions, dances, fellowship, and mandatory house outings. Learning how to have fun, building lasting friendships and interacting with other people is an integral part of what we do here. We ask that our clients arrive with an open mind and put trust in the process and in THE LAST HOUSE®.

We are a group of passionate, like-minded individuals who truly care about those struggling with substance abuse & mental health conditions.


THE LAST HOUSE® sober living is an aftercare facility for various needs of recovery. However, we provide much more than just a place to lay your head. The Last House provides a realistic structure for our clients. We are not a boot camp nor a “flophouse,” but a place where people come who have the desire to carry out real change in their lives. Whether residents come in by way of intervention, court order, or on their own accord, all of our clients receive the same opportunity to gain the tools they need to grow and rebuild lasting futures. With the willingness of a resident and support of the end goal from loved ones, we can help people assemble a life worth living, free of drugs, alcohol and with purpose.

Our residents come to work on themselves with the support of peers, staff and a constant community of fellow members of our houses past and present at each location. Our residents build lasting relationships here, ones they take away with them when they move on and return to mentor and keep in touch with people who still remain. Camaraderie is a key component to what we do here. Clients are assigned a big brother, who will show the newcomer the ropes. We encourage peer feedback in our program. Residents tend to respond in a more positive manner to feedback given by their fellows, rather than management and staff. The disease of Alcoholism and drug addiction does not exist in a vacuum, in turn, we work hand in hand with the client, their families, mental-health professionals, outpatient care, or whatever is best suited for the given situation to make sure the steps being pursued are in sync and towards a united goal.

Meet Our Dedicated Team

At The Last House we consider ourselves a family. Our staff is hand-picked based on their personal experiences and successes with similar structure-oriented programs. Sometimes we have staff members that have graduated our program and are looking to grow and mentor peers within the community they have learned from. We all have unique skills sets that we utilize in a variety of ways whether it be home operations, resident relations, recovery community outreach, and more. We are all available to answer questions or provide resources to people, families and friends of people looking for recovery. Check out our team.

Clayton Ketchum


Matt Fidlow

Director of Admissions

Miles Sauvageau

Director of Client & Family Services

Dustin Kerr

Program Director

Mike Wood

Client Services

Nick Cusato

Support Staff

Lucas Simonson

Manager of The Compound

Ryan Saco

Manager of The Manor

Our Program Partners

Dr. James Luzano, MD

Medical Director - Thrive Treatment

Ariana Gravanis, LPCC

Family Group Facilitator

Leslie Gold

Founder of Strides in Recovery

Our Success Stories

Success Story: Alex B
Jacob K
Sober Living for Men. Recovery Happens Here. The Last Sober House You'll Ever Need.
Sober Living for Men. Recovery Happens Here. The Last Sober House You'll Ever Need.