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Sober Living in Malibu

When most of us think about addiction, we think about a person suffering from addiction going into rehab. While rehab and treatment programs are a big part of what it means to battle addiction and try to get sober, there are other components that play a crucial role in recovery as well. One such component that sometimes gets overlooked, is Malibu Beach sober living homes. That’s right, even Malibu Beach residents aren’t immune to the disease known as addiction and the struggles that go along with it.

The Last House is a sober living home in Malibu that provides a safe and healthy environment for men who are working to overcome addiction. We understand that addiction can be a difficult disease to overcome, and that is why we offer our residents comprehensive support services. Our staff is dedicated to helping our residents achieve and maintain sobriety, and we are proud to offer a safe and comfortable place for them to call home.

If you’re not familiar with Malibu sober living and the role it plays in the battle against addiction, don’t worry; we’ll explain about our sober living homes, what they do, why they are important to recovery, and how to get the help you need today!

Recovery in Malibu

The Last House Sober Living has been helping men recover for over 10 years. Our Malibu structured sober living homes offer accountability and a path to lasting recovery.

Addiction in Malibu

Though Malibu is considered a smaller, affluent community, it is not immune to the problem of drug and alcohol addiction. Along with the whole of Los Angeles County, Malibu is part of the roughly 3,000 annual deaths from drug and alcohol use and part of the 130,000 drug and alcohol-related emergencies.

Even though Malibu only accounts for a small percentage of these numbers, it is still necessary to have the treatment and follow-up resources required to get citizens the help they need to get and stay sober.

Part of doing that means investing in sober living facilities that give folks suffering from addiction somewhere to go rather than going straight from treatment back into the real world. The lack of a safe place to transition is a major contributing factor when it comes to continued drug use, relapse, and returns to treatment—many people suffering from addiction relapse many times before finally getting clean and sober.

While it is true that addiction is a lifelong disease that stays with people forever, having the right treatment and support in place can make all the difference in whether or not someone gets or stays sober. Sober living homes are a major part of that process and can make the difference between recovery and another potential relapse and return to treatment.


Recovery Happens at The Last House.

What is a Malibu Sober Living Home?

Sober living homes or halfway homes are crucial for addiction recovery. They provide a safe and supportive environment for those who are working to overcome addiction. Sober living homes allow recovering addicts to live in a structured and supervised setting while they continue to receive treatment for their addiction outside of a typical rehab facility. 

Most clients come to a sober living home after their formal therapy and treatment have ended so that they can transition back into society. This is an important step in addiction recovery, as it allows clients to begin rebuilding their lives and develop the skills they need to live a sober life.

Why is Sober Living Necessary?

Sober living homes are necessary because they provide a safe and supportive environment for those who are working to overcome addiction. Without this extra step in between rehab and returning to a normal life, there is a great chance that they may relapse as they try to deal with life without drugs or alcohol. 

Sober living homes were traditionally called “halfway homes” because they serve as the halfway point between rehab and returning to society. This is an important step in the addiction recovery process, as it allows recovering addicts to slowly reintegrate back into society while still receiving the support they need. 

Who Qualifies for Sober Living?

Most clients who come to The Last House sober living home in Malibu are men who have recently completed a rehab program and are looking for a safe place to continue their recovery. However, anyone struggling with addiction and looking for a safe and supportive environment may be eligible to join our sober living home. 

Many types of clients, from those who have entered treatment for the first time, to those who have tried to recover from addiction numerous times and failed, can benefit from sober living in Malibu. 

In fact, many times, the entire reason a person fails to recover is that they don’t have the help and support they need to reintegrate into a normal life, and these types of stressors can make it possible or even likely that a person will relapse. 

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What to Expect at a Malibu Sober Living Home

Sober living homes aren’t just a place to stay. At our sober living home in Malibu, you’ll find others who are also going through the struggle with addiction. This allows for those with similar situations to find support and camaraderie in individuals who share similar struggles. Much like group therapy, this can be an incredibly beneficial setting for those looking to recover from addiction. 

In addition, sober living homes provide a number of important services that are essential to the recovery process. These services can include: 

Residents are also typically required to maintain employment or attend school while living in a sober living home. This helps them to develop the skills they need to live a productive life outside of the home. 

Many times while in a sober living environment, it gives the person the opportunity to make changes to their life that they might not have done otherwise, such as returning to school, finding a new type of career path or employment, repaying old debts, and trying to start their life over in the best position possible. 

We believe this is all part of the recovery process and that by giving clients the space and tools they need to make these changes, they will be that much stronger when they return to a normal life drug-free. 


Our Success Stories

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What Makes Our Malibu Sober Living Different?

The Last House sober living home in Southern California is different from other homes because we offer comprehensive support services to our residents. Our staff is dedicated to helping our residents achieve and maintain sobriety, and we provide them with the tools they need to succeed. 

In addition, we understand that addiction can be a difficult disease to overcome, which is why we offer our residents a safe and comfortable place to call home. We want our residents to feel like they are a part of a community, and we work hard to create a positive and supportive environment for them. 

Get Help at Our Sober Living in Malibu

At the Last House, we know how difficult the struggle with addiction can be and that having that little bit of extra help and support can make all the difference. That’s why we are proud to offer high-quality sober living homes for clients in Malibu. 

By coming to our men’s sober living home, you can get round-the-clock help, support, and accountability to help make your transition as successful as possible and to maximize your chances of getting and staying sober. 

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The Last House Sober Living in Los Angeles offers men a trusted, structured sober living program. Our community-based approach is here to help our clients in achieving long-term recovery from substance abuse.

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