THE LAST HOUSE® – Los Angeles Sober Living

THE LAST HOUSE® Sober Living is a network of structured sober living homes located in the heart of West Los Angeles sober living community.  Our mission is to provide a safe, fun, program-oriented setting where residents can find purpose, progress, and build a foundation for a life that is not only free of drugs and alcohol, but flourishing in all aspects.  Our sober livings staff consist of active members of the Los Angeles Sober Living recovery community and come with years of experience, professional backgrounds, counseling certifications and various expertise in health, wellness and employment services.

Through TLH program, residents gain access to one of the largest recovery networks in North America; the Los Angeles sober living recovery community.  The men that join our program receive the tools one needs to launch as a self-sufficient, self-reliant, self-motivated individual with a close peer group in the houses that they can rely on to go through a part of life that may be difficult, yet if committed to, a transformitive opportunity at a la sober living.

We pride ourselves on the residents of past that have graduated the program, giving back to the community and our newest residents, and considering our program as a safe place to ground them. This image taken with many of our residents and graduates, represents what we stand for: unity, support and recreating a life worth living. This may not be the first place you've been, but it can be The Last House you need to go. TLH is a structured los angeles sober living los angeles.

Also, check out our media page to see more info about The Last House Sober Living in Los Angeles.  You can see a video of some of the fun activities we do and also a interview conducted by Dr. Drew and Bob Forest with our director of admissions, Chris Kirby.

The Last House on Dr Drew

Chris Kirby, Director of Admissions at The Last House, stops by Dr Drew's show to talk about sober living with Bob Forrest and Dr. Drew Pinsky. They discuss the advantages of sober living and how to keep patients alive and well after rehab.

Chris Kirby came to The Last House originally as a client from the San Francisco Bay area. After he graduated from the program, he joined them as a "live-in" manager. He's worked on the front lines as a DUI school administrator and counselor and at a high end luxury aftercare program where he utilized motivational interviewing to illicit change without the ability to use consequences, and he is fostering hope in families of active drugs users. Chris continues his education by studying the latest assessment driven protocols to increase client retention.