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Sober Living in Hollywood, CA

No one wants to deal with the struggle of addiction, but many who have know that it is a lifelong battle that needs continuous help and support. While many of us have heard of treatment facilities and rehab, most of us don’t know what happens once treatment ends. It’s easy to think that all you need is treatment, but addiction is a disease that requires a lot more help and support than just treatment.

That’s where sober living, like our sober living home in Hollywood, comes in. At our sober living for men, we believe in giving our clients every opportunity to succeed when it comes to battling addiction. We know returning to normal life is much more complicated than it may seem at first and that a sober living home provides that extra support needed to give someone suffering from addiction the best chances of recovery.

Sober Life in Hollywood, CA

The Last House Sober Living  has been helping men recover for over 10 years. Our Hollywood structured sober living homes offer accountability and a path to lasting recovery.

Addiction in Hollywood, CA

Research shows that many thousands of people in California suffer from addiction. Sadly, of these thousands of people, only a fraction, roughly 10%, get the help they need. This means that many people attempt to quit on their own, only to end up relapsing or worse.

Of the different drugs available in the area, the most lethal so far are prescription opioids, followed by heroin and other street drugs. This makes sober living homes a crucial necessity for those that want to quit using but need that extra bit of support once testament ends.

As if that weren’t enough information to pursue sober living after treatment, research shows that men are much more likely to not only become addicted but to possibly relapse without continued support once treatment ends.

As you can see, not even the land of the stars, Hollywood, is immune to the effects of addiction.


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Addiction Treatment in Hollywood, CA

Addiction is a disease that can be described as being compelled to do something, despite negative consequences. It is characterized by an inability to control use of a substance or behavior, even when the individual wants or tries to quit. Addiction changes both the brain and behavior.

When someone struggles with addiction, they will not only have difficulty saying no to using substances or partaking in behaviors, but they will actively seek ways to use drugs or alcohol at the expense of relationships, responsibilities, and day-to-day life.

Addiction is considered a disease because it stays with the person for the rest of their life, and only through treatment and support can a person hope to remain on the path of sobriety. That’s why sober living is a key component, along with rehab to beating addiction.

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What Exactly is a Sober Living in Hollywood?

Sober living is a type of housing designed for people who are in recovery from addiction. Sober living homes provide residents with a safe and supportive environment to live in while continuing their sobriety journey. 

Long-term sober living homes typically have rules and regulations that residents must follow in order to stay, such as no drugs or alcohol on the premises, curfews, and mandatory attendance at meetings or therapy sessions. 

While sober living is not treatment, it is often seen as a step down from inpatient rehab or as an aftercare option following treatment. Sober living provides individuals with support and structure during one of the most vulnerable times in their sobriety journey, the early stages of recovery. 

In fact, many folks who try to transition straight from rehab back into a normal life face challenges, and the risk of relapsing is even higher without the proper support. Sober living can mean the difference between failure and success when it comes to addiction recovery. 


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Why You Should Go To a Sober Living in Hollywood After Completing Rehab

The primary reason for going to sober living after having gone to rehab is that rehab is the foundation for recovery that every person suffering from addiction needs. While sober living supports you and provides you with help and services, it works best for those who have undergone treatment and are using the home as a second phase in the process. 

While there is some therapy that takes place along with 12 step meetings and other support, rehab should be the start of the recovery as that is where a person is put through detox and given customized therapy and treatment to battle their specific addiction. 

The Benefits of a Hollywood Sober Living

There are many benefits to living in a sober living home, such as: 

First, it gives clients a place to go after treatment ends but before returning to their everyday lives. This is a crucial step because it allows individuals to slowly transition back into the real world while still having the support of a sober living home. 

Second, it provides residents with a sense of community and fellowship. In a sober living home, everyone is fighting the same battle and understands what you are going through. This can be very helpful in early recovery when feelings of isolation or loneliness are common. 

Third, it offers residents accountability. In a sober living home, there are rules that must be followed and people who are watching out for your sobriety. This helps to keep residents on track and motivated in their recovery journey. 

Fourth, it provides access to resources such as therapy sessions, 12-step meetings, and job placement assistance. Sober living homes are often partnered with treatment centers and other resources, which allows residents access to the best possible care. 

Finally, it is a cost-effective option. Sober living homes are much less expensive than inpatient rehab or outpatient therapy sessions. 

Why Our Sober Living Near Hollywood, California is Right for You

If you are looking for a sober living home near Hollywood, CA, our home would be the right choice for you. We offer many benefits that other sober living homes do not, such as: 

First, we have a highly trained staff that is there to make sure that all our clients have the safety and security they need to focus on their recovery. We do this while still holding each and every resident accountable for their actions, thanks to testing and screening to make sure everyone follows the sober living house rules. 

Second, we provide all of our residents with access to resources that can help them in their recovery journey. This includes therapy sessions, 12-step meetings, job placement assistance, and more. 

Third, we have a strong sense of community at our home. Our residents support each other through thick and thin and are there to celebrate each others’ successes. 

Fourth, we provide an affordable option for those in need of sober living housing. We understand that addiction is expensive and often leaves people struggling financially. That’s why we offer payment plans and scholarships to make our home accessible to everyone who needs it.

How Our Sober Living Home Near Hollywood Can Help You Recover

Now that you know more about addiction and how difficult it is to get sober, now is the time to find the support and solutions you need to truly get on the path to sobriety. 

At our sober living in Hollywood, we offer a place for people in recovery to come and feel safe while they figure out their goals for sobriety. Not only do we offer help and support at the home in the form of access to peer programs, 12 step programs, and group therapy. But we also offer access to work and education programs so that you can get your life on track for when it’s time to return to a normal life. 

When you’re ready to give yourself the best chance at recovery, contact the Last House and let us be the last sober living house you ever need!

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The Last House Sober Living in Los Angeles offers men a trusted, structured sober living program. Our community-based approach is here to help our clients in achieving long-term recovery from substance abuse.

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