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Phase Out Program

Find out more about our specialized phase out program for graduates and alumni.


The Last House Phase-Out Program for Graduates

The Last House Phase Out Program is a program designed for graduates to help ensure that all of the hard work and progress made during their stay here is carried over into the next stage of their journey. The steep jump in freedom and a sharp drop-off in accountability can be very challenging, and it can be helpful, and often necessary, to have a familiar face who knows their strengths and weaknesses continue to guide them and redirect if need be.

Each graduate will be assigned a Phase-Out Case Manager who will work with them directly to identify and address any issues that crop up along the way and will help create practical plans to mitigate any concerns before they grow to become substantial problems. Budgeting, goal setting, drug testing, accountability surrounding continued participation in AA and sponsorship requirements, are all areas that can directly impact chances for continued success, and can all be covered by this program. In addition, Case Managers will be in regular communication with families to fill them in on the steps being taken. Also, if a graduate does slip, we are able to recognize and intervene immediately, before too much damage has been done. Since implementing this program in our curriculum, we have seen our recidivism rate decrease significantly. As far as the tier guide goes, the general recommendation is to start at a higher tier initially and gradually step down as competency and consistency is shown in the outlined areas.

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