Personal Boundaries

personal boundaries

What are personal Boundaries? Boundaries determine acceptable behavior. Safety cannot exist without boundaries. Imagine driving without any traffics rules, signs or lights! Boundaries simply exist to keep ourselves protected from harm. Personal boundaries work the same way. They are the emotional, physical and mental parameters we set for ourselves. Love and healthy relationships cannot exist […]

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Disassociation and Addiction


What is disassociating? Most of us have had moments driving where we end up home and have no recollection or idea of how we got there. This is one example of disassociating. To put it simply, disassociating is detaching from reality to some degree. This mental process varies from a mild detachment from external surroundings […]

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Chronic Impulsivity and Addiction

chronic impulsivity

Chronic Impulsivity It’s impossible to be in in complete control of yourself 100% of the time. Most of us lack some self control in areas of our lives. It’s part of the human condition to act out of impulse from time to time. Examples include an angry outburst, or overly indulging during dessert, or even […]

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Family Systems Theory

family systems therapy

What is Family Systems Theory? Family systems theory is a theory of human behavior and was developed to better understand individuals and the complex relationships and dynamics within families. In the 1950’s an American psychiatrist, Murray Bowen came up with the Family Systems Theory. After a long time of observing and analyzing patterns and relationships […]

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Young Adult Drug Treatment Program

young adult drug treatment program

  Young Adult Drug Treatment Program What is young adulthood? Young adulthood, also known as “the in-between age”, is a pivotal stage in life. This stage of life includes anyone ranging from the age of eighteen to thirty-five. Young adulthood is described as rapid changes in emotional, cognitive, physiological, sexual and relational development. For most […]

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Learned Helplessness

Learned Helplessness

What is it and why does it happen?   Learned helplessness occurs when someone is continuously exposed to aversive environments and negative outcomes. Individuals develop learned helplessness when they feel they have no control over their life which leads to acting in a helpless manner because in their eyes there is no use in trying. […]

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Failure to Launch and Substance Abuse

failure to launch

    Young adults are having a harder time moving out their childhood homes and are continuing to live with their parents well after high school and college. Now the average age to move out is 27! In fact, out of the 10 million millennials in the U.S., about 32% live with their parents. This […]

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The Benefits of Therapy During 12 Steps

therapy during 12 steps

The Benefits of Therapy During 12 Steps   Mental health services like therapy helps people function better daily, live well and cope with daily stressors. In the world of mental health, therapy is defined as any technique that helps improve and change one’s behaviors, feelings and thoughts and is guided by theory. Mental health therapy comes […]

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Prison Country: Prisons, Drugs, and a Way Forward

prison country

  It’s an easy thing to be tough on crime in American politics. “Don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time”, “Three-strikes-and-you’re-out”, and other phrases captured the spirit of the time on crime in America, especially in the 1990s. They were not idle words.   An Individual’s Crime, An American Sin From 1980 […]

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Wilderness Treatment for Young Adults & Teens

wilderness treatment for young adults

Wilderness Treatment for Young Adults And Teens Explore. Uncover. Change.   Wilderness treatment for young adults is also known as adventure-based therapy and outdoor behavioral healthcare. This research-based treatment modality has been in existence for the last thirty years and focuses on behavior modification and interpersonal self improvement in a wilderness setting. Exposing individuals, mostly […]

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