Eating Disorders and Substance Abuse

eating disorders

Research and evidence based practices have indicated that Eating Disorders and other Addictive conditions have overlapping similarities. This blog article will discuss Eating Disorders and the similarities between Eating Disorders and Substance Abuse Disorder, as well as treatment methods. An Eating disorder is a serious and often fatal illness that is characterized by irregular eating […]

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Bipolar Disorder and Substance Abuse

bipolar disorder and substance abuse

It is very common for those who struggle with substance abuse to also struggle with an additional mental illness or disorder. One of the more common dual diagnoses with Substance Abuse is Bipolar Disorder.  More than half of those seeking treatment for Bipolar Disorder are also in treatment for substance abuse.   It’s important to […]

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Anger Management

anger management

Anger Management by Claire Godden “I don’t need anger management. I need everyone else to stop pissing me off” The topic of Anger Management during recovery must not be overlooked. An addict may be using substances to control or mask anger or to numb feelings in general. But numbing and, therefore, avoiding the feeling means […]

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Anxiety Disorder and Substance Abuse

anxiety disorder and substance abuse

Experiencing anxiety in life is inevitable. But it’s not all bad. Anxiety is a survival skill. In fact, anxiety played an important role in ancient humans. Thousands of years ago, when Homo Sapiens inhabited the earth, anxiety was used when taking action during immediate danger and problems. For example, a lion may appear in the […]

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ADHD in Recovery

adhd in recovery

Managing ADHD in Recovery ADHD (Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is one of the numerous psychiatric disorders I have encountered. Through these encounters I have seen the impact that this disorder has on someone’s mental well being and those around them. Managing ADHD is hard enough on its own and throwing recovery into the mix can be […]

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Chronic Relapse


Chronic Relapse Author: Claire Godden Addiction in itself is a chronic brain disease and anyone who is attempting sobriety is at risk for relapse. But what makes some of us stay in recovery while others relapse over and over again? The cycle that is chronic relapse happens for a variety of reasons and can mean […]

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment


Dual Diagnosis Treatment What is Dual Diagnosis Dual diagnosis, aka co-occurring disorders, is a term used for individuals who struggle with both a mental disorder and alcohol or drug abuse. With dual diagnosis, either disorder can begin to appear first. People who struggle with a mental health condition will sometimes turn to drugs and/or alcohol […]

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Los Angeles Sober Living


The Last House – Los Angeles Sober Living The Last House los angeles sober living is a structured sober living recovery home community located in the heart of West Los Angeles. The Last House mission is to provide a safe, fun, program-oriented setting where residents can find purpose, progress, and build a foundation for a life […]

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A Place for Mindfulness


A Place for Mindfulness by Claire Godden When you eat your lunch, are you also on your phone scrolling through the news or social media? Do you even remember what you eat each day? The simple practice of slowing down, savoring every bite and being aware of the taste, smell, and texture of our food, […]

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Time For Change

Time For Change- My story begins in Des Moines, IA. Just before freshman year in high school, I got high for the first time. Over the course of the next few years, it became something I did everyday. I began procrastinating on homework and started using during lunch break and even at school. I barely […]

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