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We ❤️ Rescue Dogs

Find out more about our pet-friendly sober living in Los Angeles and our mission to rescue dogs!


Los Angeles Pet-Friendly Sober Living Homes

Here at The Last House we know that animals can make a world of difference, especially in early sobriety. While owning a pet can be overwhelming, we rescue dogs so our residents can learn how to be responsible and own a pet without having to fully own a pet. Check out the latest furry friends The Last House rescued.

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Karl has an incredible story of good fortune, hope, and transformation. Driving down a busy street in Los Angeles, our founder Clayton saw a malnourished, matted, sad little creature walking down the street foraging for scraps of food. In the middle of traffic, he parked his car, walked over and picked up this little guy and put him into his car. This dog was taken to the vet and was found to have no microchip, no collar, and seemed to be roaming the streets from some time. He came back to The Last House, was given food, a bath, haircut and the residents decided he should be named Karl. The rest is history. This pocket sized ball of fluff has the biggest heart, and the most precious eyes. Sometimes he acts out, and walks on the dining room table or the computer desk, but make no mistake, this dog is truly loved by our house. Karl is the best of friends any resident could have.



Oliver is by far the most cuddly pet in THE LAST HOUSE® family. He was adopted from The South LA Animal Shelter when he was only 12 weeks old. Our founder Clayton, brought several residents to the shelter, and everyone fell in love with baby Oliver. He was very tiny, but he had really large paws for such a small baby. He’s grown into them over time, but they still don’t quite fit his lanky frame. He likes to pretend he is fearless, but he is definitely the biggest scaredy cat of the crew. Oliver enjoys long walks, playing and cuddling with the residents (especially first thing in the morning!), and napping on the couch.


Oreo us our newest addition to THE LAST HOUSE® Recovery Community. He is a purebred French Bulldog aka a “frenchy” and was adopted by The Last House in 2018. We are so grateful for him and the residents love his energy.

Oreo brings a light and joy to The Last House and is a source of comfort to our residents, especially those who are away from home and in need of loving.



Seamus, pronounced “Shay-mus”, is the longest active paw-member of the THE LAST HOUSE® canine community. He is a miniature poodle with a spunky personality. In the house, he is known as “the king of the travelers” because of his free spirited nature, and love of the outdoors. He wiggles his butt anytime someone speaks directly to him. Like Oliver, Seamus was adopted from The South LA Animal Shelter. His best friend is Karl, but he does enjoy sparring with his pal Oliver down the street. Seamus enjoys going on long walks, disrupting group, and howling in sync with the residents in the house.

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