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If you or a loved one lives with addiction, you’re not alone. Millions of American families are being touched by an epidemic of substance abuse. Comprehensive treatment and a strong support system are likely necessary steps in your journey toward a solution. But for many men, reaching out for the help they deserve can be challenging and even intimidating. If you’re seeking addiction treatment in Glendale, Los Angeles, the community, structure, and support of The Last House, a Glendale Sober Living home, may be the right step for you or your loved one. Our men’s-only sober living program is designed to offer tailored support that helps you achieve your goals, now and well into the future.

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Why We’re Committed to Being a Men’s Glendale Sober Living Home

Substance abuse does not discriminate when choosing its victims. At The Last House, we frequently see it target fathers, brothers, sons, uncles, friends – the list is unending. Thankfully, for many, treatment can be the key to recovery, sobriety, and healing. We know that intervention and support can be especially crucial for men, many of whom can benefit immensely from having a safe space to share their experiences. 

Men can experience addiction differently than women and people of other genders. They’re also generally more likely to experience long-term addiction. A sober living home offers a supportive environment for men to focus on their sobriety and build skills that will help them be successful over time.


Addiction Treatment in Glendale: Our Philosophy

At The Last House, we understand that addiction can be painful. We also know that many of our clients face stigma and shame when experiencing addiction. The Last House seeks to fight against that by helping men find their path to recovery and sobriety in an environment founded on trust, integrity, and accountability. Leading the way for addiction treatment in Glendale, The Last House goes beyond simply providing shelter; it provides a place for change. With hard work, support, and willingness to turn their situation around, The Last House allows men to put together the pieces of a life free of substances and rich in vitality.

While participating in our sober living program, residents don’t have to go through their journeys alone. On the contrary, the program is built upon ideals of community, camaraderie, and brotherhood. New clients are assigned a “big brother” upon entry. This person will serve as a guide and peer for the new admittee and be just one member of an abundant team of support. Additionally, to address the issue of substance abuse beyond the surface level, The Last House provides a space for clients, families, and mental health professionals to convene and decide what specific modes of treatment best fit their needs.

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A Look at Our Substance Abuse Treatment in Glendale

The Last House is a unique experience of addiction treatment in Glendale. We offer a multitude of treatment options fit for the varying needs of our clients. While The Last House offers sober living homes for men in the lively city of Los Angeles, our facilities are just a few miles away from the heart of Glendale. We proudly offer men’s addiction treatment services to Glendale residents, including our sober living program, compassionate outpatient treatment, family support meetings, and a phase-out program for graduates of treatment.

The Last House not only provides a safe, healthy environment for clients to live sober lives, but we also offer a plethora of activities and outings to help residents maintain fun, active social lives free of drugs and alcohol. Some of these activities include golf outings, ski trips, LA exploration outings, and much more. These activities are built into the structure of treatment to show residents that their lives can be fun and vibrant without the looming presence of substances, allowing them to thrive in their sobriety.

If living in one of the Last House’s sober homes isn’t the right step for a client, they also have the option of seeking outpatient treatment through Thrive Treatment. The Thrive Treatment Center will provide structured, accessible outpatient treatment that creates space for safe mistake-making and skill learning. Thrive Treatment combines evidence-based clinical practices with The Last House’s pillars of integrity and respect to help bring the client into sobriety and help them develop the skills to stay there. Thrive treatment will give you community while navigating the ups and downs of sobriety while upholding unwavering statutes of integrity and respect.


Why Choose The Last House as Your Glendale Sober Living Home?

There is an abundance of options for those seeking the right Glendale drug and alcohol rehab center, so what makes The Last House the right choice? The Last House is about results. Clients come from all kinds of backgrounds, carrying the burdens of addictive behavior, poor relationships, and mental struggles. However, at The Last House, they’ll be provided with the tools necessary to face and overcome life's big and small challenges while maintaining sobriety and healthy behaviors. 

The proof is evident in the ongoing success of our members. 87% of respondents to The Last House’s Outcome Questionnaire indicated abstinence from drugs and alcohol after treatment. 80% who were abstinent had been so for a year or more. Of the nine who reported relapse, 78% had maintained abstinence before their relapse for a year or more. The Last House offers treatment that focuses not only on addiction but on “functional health.” Members will be equipped with the tools to navigate important facets of life, such as family relationships, educational goals, employment, overall satisfaction with life, and emotional well-being.

Long-Term Support for Families, Friends, and Loved Ones

Addiction touches all of those around it, not just those struggling with a substance use disorder. Watching a loved one face addiction can be beyond painful, and The Last House understands that. Be it family members, a spouse, or friends, witnesses of addiction are often left with sadness, questions, and stress. Attending The Last House’s family support groups offer a safe space for families to talk to and support their loved one struggling with substances as well as divulge and digest the emotions that they’re working through.

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We’re Your Glendale Sober Living Home, Now & Always

Sobriety is an ongoing, uphill battle; the fight against addiction doesn’t end once treatment does. For that reason, The Last House offers a Phase Out Program for its graduates and alums. Freedom is an amazing thing, but it can lack the structure and accountability of life during the program. At The Last House, the goal is to attain and maintain sobriety despite the challenges life may throw at you. To help you do that, The Last House will assign you a phase-out manager, a familiar face to help you take on challenges to your sobriety and create practical plans of action to address the concerns you may face. Be it setting and reaching new goals, budgeting, or just maintaining accountability, the Phase Out Program is there to help to continue facing life head-on, free of the burden of substances.


The Last House: Your Top Glendale Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

Los Angeles has an abundance of rehabilitation and sobriety programs, but few can offer the specialized care and unique focus on men’s health that The Last House does. At The Last House, you will find community, accountability, integrity and support that help you achieve your long-term goals. Most importantly, you’ll attain the tools necessary to find and maintain sobriety and live a full, substance-free life. 

Help is only a few clicks away. Give our team a call today at (866) 677-0090 or contact us to learn more about your treatment options. Whether you’re seeking help for yourself or a loved one, The Last House is here to help through every step of the process.

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