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Outcomes Study 2020

Take a look at our 2020 outcomes study which shows how The Last House makes an impact on our clients lives.


Men arrive at The Last House with histories of addictive behavior and problematic functioning in relationships, behavior, and mental health.

The Last House residents are supported by peers, staff, and alumni to work on themselves, build lasting relationships, and discover a meaningful, purposeful life founded on integrity, accountability, and sobriety. Members live in one of two houses and attend outpatient therapy founded on evidence-based clinical approaches such as DBT, CBT, trauma-focused, and mindfulness.

These men find new ways to manage addictions and improve mental, social, and relationship health.

As one of the longest running sober livings in the Los Angeles area, The Last House wants to ensure each and every resident that we are always improving and doing our best to help them succeed in long-term recovery. Our outcomes study was put together in order to effectively measure how our program is helping our residents and where we can improve our program to help even more people in finding sobriety.

This document reports the treatment outcomes for The Last House. It may serve as a tool for quality improvement and to celebrate successes. This work was completed by an external analyst.

Members were asked to complete a survey at admission, at departure, and one week to three months after departure. This survey is called the Outcome Questionnaire (OQ), which measures mental, behavioral, and social health.

Not all clients complete all surveys, but we have data from 113 men who were at The Last House between November 2017 & Dec 2019.


Treatment Impact Report

Our Sober Living Helps Men Get Their Lives Back from Addiction.

0 %
Of respondents indicated they were abstinent from drugs & alcohol after completing treatment.
0 %
Of those who were abstinent, they had been sober for 1 year or more after treatment & sober living.
0 %
Of the 9 who reported relapse, reported that they maintained a year of abstinence prior to relapse.

Alumni were asked about five domains of daily functioning. Most reported ‘greatly improved’, with the next most common response of ‘improved a little bit’. Very few clients indicated worsening of the following domains:

Important Relationships

Employment Status

Educational Goals

Emotional Wellbeing

Satisfaction with Life

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The Numbers Don't Lie.

The Last House sober living for men in Los Angeles, California is dedicated to providing a true path to long-term recovery for our clients. We embarked on a year-long study to measure the outcomes of our program. 

We found that men who engage in sober living at The Last House who also attend Thrive Therapy, have proven to have a higher chance at success in recovery. 

The numbers don’t lie. 

Download our outcomes study and learn more about how The Last House Sober Living for Men in Los Angeles can help you or your loved one on their path to success in recovery.


Our Success Stories

Success Story: Alex B
Jacob K

What We Learned

The results of this evaluation indicate that outcomes are trending in the right direction for The Last House. The findings should provide an opportunity to understand treatment impact, celebrate areas of success, and review areas where improvement is needed.

For example, engagement with Thrive & The Last House should be considered the plan for optimal outcomes. Further, the treatment duration was found to be relevant; there appears to be an optimal length of between 300 and 400 days.

These recommendations should be taken with caution due to the small sample size but provide a starting point for evaluation informed program decisions.

Sober Living for Men. Recovery Happens Here. The Last Sober House You'll Ever Need.
Sober Living for Men. Recovery Happens Here. The Last Sober House You'll Ever Need.