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Find out more about residential inpatient drug treatment options and how inpatient rehabs can help you find healing.

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Recovery from addiction is a lifelong process. Even after years of sobriety, many people who experience addiction still face the risk of relapse or developing other unhealthy coping mechanisms. The time immediately after treatment concludes is perhaps the most vulnerable time for those in recovery. Real-world challenges and the temptation to misuse substances can spike, and without a proper support system in place, the odds of a relapse skyrocket. 

That’s why The Last House Sober Living was created: to offer men in recovery a safe, welcoming environment to stay on track with their goals. If you’re on the hunt for a Calabasas sober living home that puts your needs first, you’ve come to the right place. We’re proud to be part of California’s expansive sober living community and invite you to join us. Give us a call at (866) 677-0090 to learn more.

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We Understand Long-Term Sobriety Challenges

The Last House Sober Living is a network of sober living homes focused on delivering tailored support to men from all walks of life. We happily serve those seeking a Calabasas drug and alcohol rehab center that goes above and beyond. At The Last House, we understand that the journey toward recovery doesn’t end once you reach sobriety. Maintaining that sobriety is where the real challenges can begin. We’re here to help you rebuild your life with healthy coping skills, productive communication tactics, and lifelong lessons that will help you achieve your goals.


Why Visit a Calabasas Sober Living Home?

A sober living home, also known as a halfway house, is a residential space where people in recovery from addiction can come together and live. At The Last House, we strive to create an alcohol- and drug-free environment that acts as an effective transition between care and daily life. Our mission is to deliver the necessary support, encouragement, and supervision our clients count on to support long-term recovery. 

You’ll likely be a good fit for a sober living home after completing an outpatient or inpatient care program. Once formal treatment ends, the early stages of independent recovery begin in earnest. It’s the perfect time to form new habits, relationships, and skills to help you confidently navigate your new world. 

We know that continuous support is essential for recovery and personal growth. That’s why we’ve worked diligently to create aftercare facilities that truly make a difference. When you’re at The Last House, you’re in a space that’s as comfortable and cozy as it is productive – because you shouldn’t have to separate your goals from the joys of everyday life.

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How The Last House Can Help

The Last House Sober Living for Men is designed for men just like you or your loved one. We have multiple sober living homes for men in California, including those looking for a Calabasas sober living home. Our sober living program for men relies on a system of trust, community, and compassion to help clients succeed. Our expert staff have years of experience in addiction treatment and supporting those on their sober living journey. That means we know what makes sober living homes great and what can make them less effective. 

To give our clients well-rounded support that challenges them to reach new heights, we utilize a combination of weekly activities, quarterly excursions, and traditional rehab tactics to encourage continuous growth. We believe in having fun while being sober. Recovery doesn’t have to be a painful journey; in fact, it can be one of the best times of your life. We’re here to help you make that vision a reality.


Transitioning from Addiction Treatment in Calabasas

Once your time at our Calabasas sober living home is complete, you’ll be ready to enter our Phase Out Program. This program is designed for our graduates and ensures that their hard work and progress carry over into the next stage of their recovery journey. Receive continued support from our staff, continue to make progress on your goals, and implement the skills you learned during treatment – all without saying goodbye to the support system that you rely on. The Last House is here with you through every step of the process.

While you’re in our care, you’ll be able to participate in a wide variety of therapeutic and personally rewarding activities. There’s a purpose behind everything we do at The Last House – sometimes, that purpose is simply to unwind and have some fun. Other times, our team utilizes activities like those below to build valuable skills, improve physical health, and overall establish new, healthy routines clients can take with them once treatment is over: 

  • Surfing
  • Golf outings
  • Basketball
  • Exploring Los Angeles
  • Group outings
  • Resident BBQs
  • Snowboarding and skiing
  • Sober softball league
  • And much more!

What to Expect From Our Substance Abuse Treatment in Calabasas

Once you’ve completed formal addiction treatment in Calabasas or are otherwise ready to enter a sober living facility, The Last House will welcome you with open arms. Contact our team to learn more about our treatment program and whether you might be a good fit. Once we’ve established your treatment timeline and have ironed out the details you need to know, it’s time to prepare for your stay at our facility!

Our highly-trained staff ensures that each client has the tools and security they need to focus on their goals. To keep all clients accountable, we utilize regular testing and screening designed to uphold our sober living house rules. We also provide all residents with resources that can help them along, including individual therapy sessions, 12-step meetings, and more. 

The Last House Sober Living homes are located in Los Angeles, California, but we proudly serve those seeking substance abuse treatment in Calabasas, too. Our facilities are less than an hour from the heart of Calabasas. They are easily accessible via I-405 N and US-101 N. Stay close to friends, family, and everyday life while still getting a chance to step away and focus on your recovery at The Last House.

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Learn More About Our Calabasas Sober Living Home

The Last House Sober Living is committed to delivering quality support and resources to men recovering from addiction throughout California. We want to create a space focused on making recovery a fun, rewarding process. Our ultimate goal is to help you implement the changes you make in treatment so that you can live a happy, healthy lifestyle for years to come. 

If you or a loved one could benefit from visiting a Calabasas sober living home, look no further. Are you ready to see the difference that having a community of like-minded peers can make for your recovery journey? Give us a call at (866) 677-0090 or contact us online to learn more about The Last House. Don’t wait to accept the help you deserve. No matter where you’re at on your journey, we’re here for you.

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