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When someone is struggling with drugs and alcohol, the focus tends to fall on their addiction treatment programs. This is often a necessary step for individuals to get the support they need to stabilize within their recovery when they first stop using drugs and alcohol. 

Once you have reached the point in your journey where you are ready to go home, some find that the thought of being in their home environment can be intimidating, and even triggering. Maybe you are concerned about the presence of substances in your home or worry about the state of your relationships that are waiting for you. 

Research has shown that an estimated 45.33% of individuals who complete an inpatient treatment program relapse after discharge. The rates for individuals who have completed an outpatient program are slightly higher, at an estimated 56%. While the prevalence of relapse in recovery is high, with the right support, you do not have to be included in this statistic.  

An important component of a healthy recovery is feeling safe and welcome in your home environment. Some individuals find that their home environment does not support their recovery, and benefit from a sober living home. The Last House is the leading sober home for individuals who are enrolled in addiction treatment in Laguna Beach. To learn more about how we can support you in your recovery, call (866)677-0090 now!

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Laguna Beach Sober Living Homes

Laguna Beach is an area of California that is known for its beautiful beaches, surfing, and nightlife. Drugs and alcohol are often available at many popular places in Laguna Beach, and its surrounding cities. In 2020, Laguna Beach had an estimated 6,600 hospitalizations resulting from a drug or alcohol overdose, and an estimated 1,000 individuals lost their lives to an overdose.  

Individuals in the early stages of their recovery may find themselves struggling with the prevalence of alcohol and drugs in Laguna Beach and the surrounding area. This can make it challenging to find hobbies and interests to include in their recovery that do not include or expose them to substances.

It is important to note that not all Laguna Beach sober living homes are created equal. You will likely notice that there is a difference in the costs of different sober homes, which can also help you gauge the differences you may find within the home itself. 

If you are currently active in substance abuse treatment in Laguna Beach, The Last House can provide you with a safe and supportive environment while you adjust to the early stages of recovery. We provide you with a higher level of support when compared to other sober houses, which sets our program apart from the rest. Call (866)677-0090 now to learn more about our men’s sober living home!

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Benefits of a Laguna Beach Sober Living Home

When you choose to live in a Laguna Beach sober living home, you are making an active choice to put your recovery first. Sober-living homes provide you with a safe and supportive environment, without the presence of drugs and alcohol. 

Addiction is known to have an impact on those we are close to, which for some, means that there is work to be done within their relationships at home. This can take time, and it can be challenging to navigate the needs of your recovery and your loved ones. On the other side of the coin, you have those who live by themselves and are concerned about falling back into old patterns in their home environment. 

Regardless of your situation, sober living homes can provide you with a transitional space that can help you navigate your recovery at home. This can include building your support system, finding meetings, returning to work or school, navigating your legal concerns, and finding appropriate treatment options.

The Last House is the leading Laguna Beach Sober Living Home that can help you see various ways to bring fun and excitement into your recovery without the use of drugs and alcohol. With weekly activities and excursions, we are confident that you will find enjoyable activities that you can routinely engage in during your recovery. Call (866)677-0090 now to learn more today!


What to Expect in a Sober Living Home

The key expectation in a sober living home is that you do not bring substances into the home. This is important for yourself, as well as the other residents. Sober living homes may ask for drug screens randomly, or as a routine part of their program. 

Some sober homes may assign chores or tasks to their residents to help build a sense of accountability. There may also be expectations around your participation in addiction treatment programs, and mental health treatment, if applicable. You may find that there is a curfew for the house you have chosen. With everyone working together, you can create an environment that can help you thrive!

At The Last House, we offer various excursions and outings for our residents, including surfing, golfing, baseball, a softball league, house BBQs, and trips around Los Angeles, to name a few. 

Men who are active in a Laguna Beach drug and alcohol rehab center may benefit from our sober living environment. The Last House provides a substance-free home for men in the early stages of recovery who have concerns about their home environment during the early stages of their recovery. To learn more about our Laguna Beach sober living home, we invite you to call (866)677-0090 now!


The Last House is the Leading Laguna Beach Sober Living Home

The early stages of recovery are often the hardest. Your body is working hard to adjust to the changes that come with sobriety, and you may notice some new mental health challenges that you didn’t have before. If you feel as though your home environment is not supportive of your recovery, you may find yourself having a hard time in a place where you should feel safe.

Sober homes can provide you with a sober and safe environment where you can focus on doing what you need to do to develop a new routine that supports your recovery goals. The Last House is a sober house for men that can provide you with the ideal environment during the beginning stages of your recovery. Our sober house can be a great transition place for those who have recently completed an inpatient rehab program, and those who are actively enrolled in outpatient programming. 

If you have looked into sober homes before, we want you to know that we are not the typical sober house. Our program utilizes a holistic approach to support different aspects of your life. With various excursions and activities available, we are confident that we can help you find interests and hobbies that you can enjoy during your recovery. 

Additionally, our Laguna Beach sober living home offers a phase-out program that can support you when you leave our program. We believe that with this continued source of support and encouragement, your transition will be easier for you because you will have a case manager supporting you with the challenges you experience. 

If you have found yourself struggling in your home environment, or have concerns about staying at home in the early stages of your recovery, we encourage you to call The Last House today. Our program is designed to support men who are making healthy changes to their lifestyle while in recovery. Call (866)677-0090 today to learn more!

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