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If you have spent time in an addiction treatment program, you have likely heard the phrase “people, places, and things” to describe changes that you can make to avoid triggers. Some of these changes are easier than others. You can block phone numbers, and avoid driving places that you frequented during active addiction.

But what can be done about triggers that are within your home environment? For some, a trigger at home could be the presence of substances themselves. For others, it may be the routine they had upon arriving home at the end of their day. Or perhaps there is work that needs to be put into your relationships at home.

For some, sober living homes can provide you with an ideal transition space where you can develop your routine in early recovery without the distractions or stressors at home. This time can help you put into place coping skills and strategies that can help you cope with challenges when you do return home.

Individuals who complete an inpatient treatment program may have a positive outlook on their future because of the care that they receive. Relapses can happen fast, and the risk of relapsing increases for individuals who do not have a substance-free and supportive environment to return to. With the rise in substance abuse-related deaths across Orange County, and the United States, it is important to look at all of your risk factors for relapsing.

Men who are enrolled in a Pacific Palisades drug and alcohol rehab center may find that the housing option available with The Last House aligns with their recovery goals. Our Pacific Palisades sober living home provides you with a safer and more welcoming environment that can help you develop a routine while in early recovery. To learn more about how The Last House can support you in your journey, call (866)677-0090 now!

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What Are Pacific Palisades Sober Living Homes?

The sober living homes in the Pacific Palisades provide a housing option for individuals who live in the local and surrounding areas. After doing your research, you will see that there are a few different housing options available.

The key component of a sober home is that it is a residence for individuals in recovery who are not ready to, or are unable to, return to their home environment. Drugs, alcohol, and related paraphernalia are not allowed within a sober home, and offenses against this rule are taken seriously.

It is important that you spend time considering what your ideal sober living home environment would look like when you are doing your search. There are differences in the programs available, associated costs, activities, and support services available.

Take a moment to think about what you would hope to take away or gain from your time in a sober home. This can include developing a healthy routine, finding peer-led support groups, building your support system, and finding new hobbies and interests you can engage in.

The Last House is the ideal sober living home for men who are in addiction treatment in Pacific Palisades. We can support you with your treatment and recovery goals, and help you develop a routine that includes hobbies and interests that support your recovery. To learn more about how The Last House can provide you with the support you need, we encourage you to call (866)677-0090 today.

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Benefits of A Pacific Palisades Sober Living Home

When you choose to stay in a Pacific Palisades sober living home, you will have the opportunity to be surrounded by individuals who are working on their recovery. This allows you to surround yourself with others who can relate to your experiences, and encourage you when you need it.

Depending on the sober home that you choose, you may have the opportunity to participate in various recovery activities, recreational activities, and social events that do not include substances. This can help you try new things and see what you are comfortable doing.

Sober homes are known for strict expectations regarding their policies on abstinence and a substance-free environment. This can provide you with a sense of relief knowing that individuals who break these rules may be asked to leave the house. Substances in a sober home can be dangerous for everyone in the home, not just the individual who brought them in.

You may also find that sober homes provide you with a source of accountability. You may be expected to attend peer-led support groups, participate in addiction or mental health treatment, or complete chores in the residence.

Sober-living homes can provide you with a unique experience as you adjust to your recovery. While outpatient treatment programs can provide you with effective treatment interventions, they are often unable to provide you with support in those challenging moments at home. Being surrounded by individuals who are knowledgeable about addiction and recovery can provide you with a safe environment to embrace your recovery experiences. Call (866)677-0090 to learn more about how The Last House can support you!

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The Last House is a Pacific Palisades Sober Living Home Option

Challenges experienced at home can have a significant impact on your recovery. Conflict with family and loved ones is a common effect of addiction, and can sometimes linger into the early stages of recovery. It takes time for you, and those around you, to adjust to the behavioral and emotional changes that you will undoubtedly experience.

While substance abuse treatment in Pacific Palisades can provide you and your loved ones with supportive counseling options, sober living homes can provide you with a safe place to live as you and your loved ones navigate a way forward. For some, time outside the home provides an opportunity to focus on their recovery and develop a solid foundation before returning home.

That is just one example of a situation where someone could benefit from a Pacific Palisades sober living home, and there are many others. The bottom line is that sober living homes can provide you with time to adjust to your recovery in an environment that may be more supportive than what you have at home.

The Last House is proud to offer transitional housing for individuals who are in an outpatient addiction program, and those who have recently completed an inpatient treatment program. We provide more than a safe place to sleep to our residents, we offer a program that can enhance the addiction treatment programs that you have experienced.

We provide you with an environment where you can try engaging in new hobbies, and activities to see if any new interests spark for you! Recovery is a time for you to reconnect with yourself, and find things that bring you joy.

For men who are interested in a Pacifica Palisades living home, we invite you to call (866)67-0090 and speak with a representative about our housing program. We have been supporting men in recovery for over 13 years, and would love to share our wisdom, strength, and hope with you! Call now to get started!

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