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The estimated rate of relapse among individuals in recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction is estimated to fall between 40-50%. This means that approximately half of the individuals in recovery have experienced a relapse, or will relapse.  

Knowing that the rates of relapse are high among individuals with a substance use disorder, it would make sense to try everything possible to support your recovery. For some, this means finding an alternative living environment in the early stages of recovery.

There are many reasons why someone may want to live in a sober home, each of which is valid. If you have found yourself having concerns about or struggling within, your home environment, we encourage you to continue reading about our Santa Monica sober living home!

If you have found yourself struggling in your home environment, you may benefit from a Santa Monica sober living home. The Last House is a sober home for men who are looking for additional support outside an addiction treatment program. To learn more about our sober living home, we encourage you to call (866)677-0090 today!

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Sober Living Homes

Sober-living homes originated in the 1800s, when they were often run by religious groups who had strict beliefs about sobriety. In the 1940s, there was a shift in the sober living home environment when a group of AA members created a “12-step” residence.  

Sober homes have continued to evolve to this day, and you will find differences within the different sober homes in California. Some houses provide unique experiences and activities that can enhance addiction treatment programs. This often impacts the varying costs associated with sober living homes.

The Last House is a sober house for men who are enrolled in substance abuse treatment in Santa Monica. Our sober home can provide you with a welcoming, and supportive environment that can enhance your treatment program. We invite you to call (866)677-0090 today to learn more about our sober home program!

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Why You Should Choose a Santa Monica Sober Living Home

Choosing a Santa Monica Sober home means that you are allowing yourself to work on yourself. Sober homes can be a way for you to show yourself kindness in your recovery because you will have access to support and encouragement in your home environment.

If you have found yourself pulling away from your friends and family, you may feel as though you have limited support at this time. Building new friendships takes time, and can be uncomfortable if you haven’t had to do this without substances. When living in a sober home, you will be spending time with other individuals who are in their recovery, which allows you to practice using your social skills.

Additionally, once you have yourself grounded in your recovery, you may have the opportunity to help the next individual, which is a rewarding experience in itself.

When you choose to stay at a Santa Monica sober living home, you are giving yourself an additional opportunity to focus on your recovery. Sober homes often help facilitate healthy relationships among residents, which can be a valuable source of support and encouragement. To learn more about The Last House, call (866)677-0090 now.

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What You Can Expect in a Santa Monica Sober Living Home

Your top expectation of any sober home should be that it is substance-free. Sober homes often have strict rules and expectations when it comes to this because drugs and alcohol within the residence put everyone at unnecessary risk.

You can expect to be surrounded by individuals who are in their recovery. Other residents will be navigating their recovery, which can be challenging at times. You may find that witnessing another person’s journey validates your thoughts, emotions, and experiences in your recovery.

Another key that takes away from a sober home is time. Sober homes are a great transitional space that allows you to take more time for yourself before returning to the full swing of your life. By slowly easing your way back into your life and routine, you can receive support and encouragement when you experience hard days.

If you are enrolled in a Santa Monica drug and alcohol rehab center, we invite you to call (866)677-0090 to learn about The Last House. We have been providing a substance-free living environment for individuals in recovery for over 13 years. Call today to learn more about how we can support you in your journey!


The Last House is a Sober Home for Men in Addiction Treatment in Santa Monica

Addiction is a chronic and progressive disease that can impact various areas of your life, including your health, mental health, relationships, career, and finances. In recovery, you will spend time trying to address and maybe resolve the problems that resulted from your use. While there are shared experiences among individuals who are living with an addiction, there are unique experiences for each individual.

These unique differences can impact your home life and whether it is a safe place for you to return in early recovery. You may have distress within your relationships at home resulting from events that transpired during your active addiction, which has led to concerns with trust. Maybe you were evicted or kicked out of your home. Individuals who live alone may find themselves worried about falling into patterns of isolation, which could lead them back down the path to their addiction.

Regardless of your situation, sober homes can provide you with a safe environment for you if you need one. The Last House is a Santa Monica sober living home for men who would benefit from not returning to their homes at this time. Our program is transitional, which means that we will help you determine what is needed for you to feel safe in your home.

Residents at The Last House have the privilege of participating in a range of activities and excursions in our local area. We hope that with these experiences, you can find new hobbies and interests that you can use in your recovery. Additionally, we can support you as you engage in social situations without drugs and alcohol.

At The Last House, we have been supporting individuals in recovery for over a decade. During this time, we noticed that it wasn’t uncommon for individuals to have a hard time adjusting when they do return home. Because of this, we offer a phase-out program that provides you with a case manager who will check in on you during your adjustment, and provide you with support and encouragement when you need it.

If you have completed a rehab program, or are in an outpatient treatment program, you have already started making changes needed to support your recovery. For many, choosing to stay in a Santa Monica sober living home supports these changes, and can provide you with peace of mind knowing that you do not have to worry about having substances in your home. We encourage you to call (866)677-0090 to speak with a representative about how The Last House can support you!

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