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At the Last House, we understand that addiction affects everyone differently. Still, men especially run a higher risk of falling into harmful substance use patterns. Additionally, men are uniquely affected by mental health struggles yet often feel an overwhelming pressure to suppress these feelings in the name of masculinity. We know and empathize with how these emotions, compounded with a lack of support, can lead one to turn toward substances.

That’s why, here at The Last House, we’re committed to providing men with leading Culver City sober living home options. We’ve formulated a collection of treatment options, each different to fit your varying needs. We integrate principles of community, trust, hard work, and accountability to help you reach and maintain a life of sobriety and healing. If this sounds like the right fit for you, contact us at 866-677-0090 or send us a message via our website for more information.

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Working Towards a Solution: Addiction Treatment in Culver City

For those who are working through substance use disorders, there is no single experience. Each individual faces their own challenges, goals, and specific health needs. Likewise, every person can experience unique triggers and temptations that might hinder their ability to stay on track with sobriety. The founders of The Last House understand that the struggle against substance use disorders and the path to sobriety can both be rocky and unpredictable. That’s why we’re proud to be one of Los Angeles’s longest-standing sober living facilities and strive to provide an environment of structure, accountability, and safety for our clients. Further, we create an environment in which you don’t have to face your struggles alone and where you can feel uplifted by the empathy and strength of your peers.


How We Help Those Seeking Addiction Treatment in Culver City

Here at The Last House, we offer a variety of treatment options, a leading one being our sober living homes. We strive to build a structured, supportive environment for clients. Our sober living facilities are built upon principles of integrity, accountability, and community. Here, you don’t have to feel alone as you navigate a sober lifestyle. Instead, you can work hard and learn surrounded by peers striving toward a similar goal. We also provide opportunities for lively, substance-free events, outings, and experiences because we want your journey of sobriety to be a celebratory one in which you can kindle joy for a sober life.


Get to Know Your Culver City Sober Living Home

Often, a struggle against substance use can be exacerbated by an unsafe or tempting environment. If you feel that your environment is preventing you from reaching your sobriety goals, a sober living home might be the right option for you. In a sober living home, residents have the opportunity to live in a deliberately substance-free environment. Here, the focus is not on how to use substances to manage feelings or challenges but instead on building sustainable lifestyle habits that are truly healing. We offer our comfortable residential homes for men to learn, heal, and, ultimately, thrive.


Making Sobriety a Fulfilling Part of Your Life

At The Last House, “sober” does not have to mean “boring.” In fact, our sober living program is quite the opposite. Los Angeles is home to the biggest sober living community for young people and, thus, is teeming with exciting, substance-free activities and experiences. Our options for activities are endless. From ski trips to sober sports leagues to hiking, we want to make sure your sober life is one you can enjoy and find worthwhile.

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In addition to or in place of sober living treatment, clients can participate in other forms of care tailored to their goals and needs, including:

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Why The Last House for Substance Abuse Treatment in Culver City?

At The Last House, our impact and outcomes are living proof of the effectiveness of our treatment methods. We work hard to provide our clients with tools for success and longevity, and the results are telling. Recovery and sobriety are lifelong pursuits; they’re composed of every choice you make. We work hard to provide a safe, structured environment for our clients to build up the skills and behaviors necessary for successful and ongoing recovery. Our clients consistently benefit from our strong community, goal-focused approach to care, and focus on building lasting lifestyle changes. In fact, an outcomes study done in 2020 among The Last House Clients found that 87% of respondents reported abstinence from substances after treatment.


Ready to Get Started?

The Last House is proud to be a part of the robust sober living community found in Los Angeles. Only 15 minutes from the nearest beach, The Last House is situated in an area rich with nature and beauty. We are located a short 10 minutes from Culver City via Culver Boulevard and hope to make your trip to see us worthwhile with our stellar addiction treatment services. Our intake admission process is selective for the sake of our clients' and staff's safety. We take the time to consider the circumstances and goals of the individual as a whole and work hard to provide the care your individual needs require. We accept applications through our website and would love to hear from you.


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Los Angeles has an expansive network of substance use rehabilitation programs. At The Last House, our Culver City drug and alcohol rehab center is made unique by its amazing facilities for sober living, detailed and structured treatment plans, and compassionate, brotherly atmosphere.

If you feel that The Last House’s sober community is the right fit for you or your loved one are seeking to begin the journey to sobriety and recovery with a Culver City sober living home, please do not hesitate to contact us at 866-677-0090 or send us a message via our website for more information.

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