The Sober Team and Recovery Advocates

At The Last House we consider ourselves a family. Our staff is hand-picked based on their personal experiences and successes with similar structure oriented programs. Sometimes we have staff members that have graduated our program and are looking to grow and mentor peers within the community they have learned from. We all have unique skills sets that we use to excel various parts of the homes, the residents and the surrounding business of The Last House itself. We are all available to answer questions or provide resources to those inquiring. Please learn a little more about us!



Clayton opened The Last House, a sober living for men in the Fall of 2010. Based on Clayton’s extensive hands on experience in the area of recovery he created a highly stuctured program that is designed to provide a safe, sober environment, by which clients can acquire skills, tools and opportunities to recreate their lives. Clayton is seasoned in the recovery community with experience in 12-step recovery programs, after-care facilities, leadership, sponsorship and committed to his passion of service within this field. He is also a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor Level II.

Clayton was born and raised in Los Angeles and attended Southwestern Oklahoma State University, where he studied business management and played football. One of Clayton’s biggest passions besides recovery is rescuing at risk dogs.


Andy is a well-versed individual in recovery with his concentrations in operations, leadership and communication, he creates clear-cut goals with the resident, their loved ones, mental-health professionals and/or after-care programs. Andy is a creative problem-solver and motivated to work and help expand the company. He has a knack for communicating with residents in a way that they can take the feedback and do something productive with it, which is key during the early stages of recovery. Andy was born and raised in Ohio. He moved to Los Angeles to get sober and has made this place his home ever since. Andy has a passion for professional sports, especially football and basketball, which has made The Last House “Basketball Saturdays” a commonplace theme for us.

Director Of Admissions

Chris came to The Last House originally as a client from the San Francisco Bay area. After he graduated from our program, he joined us as our live-in manager and has grown with us ever since. Chris now oversees our marketing department and is a big advocate for our program. He demonstrates strength of character and a peer understanding so residents often confide in him regarding problems or concerns. In his earlier years, Chris played water polo and attended Whittier College. Chris loves surfing and enjoys incorporating that and outside service work with clients and friends. Chris manages a drug and alcohol school and is a Certified Drug & Alcohol Counselor. (CADAC)

Director Of Client Services

Matt comes to the Last House by way of Chicago, Illinois

After completing our program, Matt went to work at Pacific View Recovery Center. He found immediate success there, and worked his way up to Lead Technician. We are super grateful to have him return to The Last House, where he got sober.

Matt is very passionate about recovery, and brings a good attitude and positive spirit to our program.

Manager - South House

Scott was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa. Scott attended Valley High School located in West Des Moines. After graduating in ’07, he was accepted into the University of Iowa in Iowa City. Scott ended up leaving and began taking classes at DMACC, a community college and pursued his Associate Arts degree.

Some of Scott’s interests include sports, music and traveling. He is a big fan of he Chicago Cubs and the Chicago Bulls. He also enjoy playing basketball on the weekends with the Last House community and other friends. Music is a huge part of Scott’s life. It gives him the strength he needs when times are rough and the motivation to achieve goals he has set for himself. Scott is an avid traveler and in the future he would love to travel to Europe.

“I came to the Last House after my life was in shambles. I was unable to live life on life’s terms. I wrecked almost every relationship that I had including the one with my family. I had gotten to a point where I was only living day to day, not caring about where my life was headed. After graduating the Last House, I gained new friendships and amended the ones I had harmed in the past. I wake up today with a sense of ease and I now strive to be successful in my life.”

Manager - West House

Miles Sauvageau is from Orange County and originally came to The Last House as a resident.  He experienced many ups and downs during his stay in our program, but ultimately showed his commitment to his recovery, as well as our program.  During his time as a resident, he obtained his insurance brokerage license and pursued a career in the insurance industry.  He showed great leadership qualities while in the program, so following completion we brought him on as a manager of The Last House West.  He is a passionate person and truly cares about each and every resident in the house.  Upholding the integrity of the house is a top priority for Miles.  We are blessed to have him as part of our staff.

Yoga Instructor

Erin grew up in Pacific Palisades and was first introduced to yoga in a class she took in high school. Interested, she explored more classes at YogaWorks and became a regular practitioner. In order to deepen her practice, she pursued Yoga Teacher Training; through this, she found her mentor, Carmen Fitzgibbon, a very intense and precise teacher whose style has deeply influenced Erin’s own teaching. At the time, Erin had no intention of teaching yoga, as she was considering various career paths. She did, however, attend a yoga retreat in Delhi, India where, by chance, she stepped in to cover for a session that needed a teacher. After teaching that first class, an attendee suggested that she “give herself permission” to become the teacher that her students noticed in her. For the first time, she questioned the image she had been harboring in her mind about what a teacher should look or be like.

For the past seven years, Erin has been dedicated to yoga teaching and it is clear that she enjoys both the teaching and the constant learning. “I learn from my students every day,” she says. “I have seen, especially in people who are getting older, how beneficial [yoga] can be – it can prevent injuries and surgeries… people genuinely want to learn!” It is that genuinely interested, curious outlook that fuels her desire to teach. Deep down, Erin has always known that her path was to help people and now she has found the best venue through which to make that a reality.

“Accepting that teaching yoga would become my career was an easy decision that took me a long time to make,” Erin shares. As people trickled out of her session last Tuesday, I heard them compliment her teaching, thanking her for her “relaxed demeanor” and her “fantastic approach.” She’s happy to see her students continuing their path in yoga and hopes that the Western image of a yoga practitioner – the young, nimble body, dressed in specific gear and choosing specific foods or lifestyles – does not deter anyone from pursuing their own personal practice.

Therapy Dog of West

Oliver is by far the most cuddly pet in The Last House family.  He was adopted from The South LA Animal Shelter when he was only 12 weeks old.  Our founder Clayton, brought several residents to the shelter, and everyone fell in love with baby Oliver.  He was very tiny, but he had really large paws for such a small baby.  He’s grown into them over time, but they still don’t quite fit his lanky frame. He likes to pretend he is fearless, but he is definitely the biggest scaredy cat of the crew.

Oliver enjoys long walks, playing and cuddling with the residents (especially first thing in the morning!), and napping on the couch.


Senior Rescue Dog of East

Seamus, pronounced “Shay-mus”, is the longest active paw-member of the The Last House canine community.  He is a miniature poodle with a spunky personality.  In the house, he is known as “the king of the travelers” because of his free spirited nature, and love of the outdoors. He wiggles his butt anytime someone speaks directly to him.  Like Oliver, Seamus was adopted from The South LA Animal Shelter.  His best friend is Karl, but he does enjoy sparring with his pal Oliver down the street.  Seamus enjoys going on long walks, disrupting group, and howling in sync with the residents in the house.

Fluffy Companion of East

Karl has an incredible story of good fortune, hope, and transformation.  Driving down a busy street in Los Angeles, our founder Clayton saw a malnourished, matted, sad little creature walking down the street foraging for scraps of food.  In the middle of traffic, he parked his car, walked over and picked up this little guy and put him into his car. This dog was taken to the vet and was found to have no microchip, no collar, and seemed to be roaming the streets from some time.  He came back to The Last House, was given food, a bath, haircut and the residents decided he should be named Karl.  The rest is history.  This pocket sized ball of fluff has the biggest heart, and the most precious eyes.  Sometimes he acts out, and walks on the dining room table or the computer desk, but make no mistake, this dog is truly loved by our house.  Karl is the best of friends any resident could have.



Landon Knox-Tech/Driver

Anthony Gonzalez-Tech

Phil Sells-East Manager