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Heroin Addiction Treatment in Southern California

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What Causes Heroin Addiction?

There is no single cause for why a person may develop a heroin addiction. Heroin addiction can be caused by a variety of genetic, environmental, psychological, and physiological factors that can be both controllable and uncontrollable. Take for instance your genes. If you have a family history of addiction, unfortunately, your likelihood of developing an addiction yourself is also heightened due to your genetics. While this does not automatically guarantee you’ll be doomed to fall victim to addiction, this does mean you are more likely to struggle with addiction because of your genetics.

Meanwhile, controllable factors such as peers who you hang out with can influence your risk of developing an addiction. This is because if you surround yourself with friends who abuse heroin or other drugs, you’ll naturally be influenced and may even be peer pressured by those friends to experiment and try using drugs yourself. Plus, if you are surrounded by friends who abuse drugs, chances are drugs are likely way more accessible, making it that much easier to use, abuse, and become addicted.

Below are some common risk factors of heroin addiction to be aware of:

Why Is Professional Heroin Addiction Essential?

Heroin is a highly addictive drug, making it relatively easy to fall dependent on and become addicted to the drug. Unfortunately, this also makes quitting heroin and maintaining sobriety difficult, especially if you try and overcome your heroin addiction all on your own. While you can try and quit abusing heroin all on your own, you’ll be faced potentially with life-threatening withdrawal symptoms and struggle with severe cravings which can make it difficult to maintain your sobriety long-term. 


Not to mention, if you are struggling with a dual diagnosis, not receiving professional treatment for both your heroin addiction and mental health condition only makes trying to quit all on your own that much more difficult. This is why seeking professional heroin addiction treatment is critical. Heroin addiction treatment in Southern California provides comprehensive treatment options to help clients successfully overcome addiction and maintain sobriety. Seeking professional help will ensure you detox from heroin safely and effectively. Not to mention, by receiving addiction treatment, you’ll have a team of compassionate, expert addiction specialists that can help guide you along your recovery journey. 


What to Expect During Heroin Addiction Treatment?

Seeking professional heroin addiction treatment in Southern California can help you start your recovery journey and regain control over your life for the better. Our heroin addiction treatment in Southern California provides tailored treatment options so you can receive the best possible care to help you overcome your addiction.


We believe that no two recovery journeys are the same. That’s why we offer a range of treatment options at all our Thrive Group treatment centers so clients can receive personalized care wherever they may be on their recovery journey. Our heroin addiction treatment in Southern California offers various options from both modern to traditional treatment options to best help serve our patients to overcome their addiction and maintain life-long sobriety.


Whether it be traditional one-on-one counseling to group therapy, medication, alternative therapy options, and more, our Thrive Group treatment centers offer a range of treatment options to meet you where you’re at in your recovery journey. And, once you overcome your addiction, your recovery journey doesn’t just stop there, it’s just beginning!


At The Last House, we offer essential aftercare for recovering addicts to smoothly transition from receiving addiction treatment, back into their normal everyday lives. The Last House is not just a place to stay, we offer continued recovery resources, group meetings, activities, and more to help each resident thrive in this new chapter in their recovery journey. If you are worried about what to expect after receiving heroin addiction treatment, and have a fear of relapsing once you go back to your daily life, consider going to a sober living home. Here, you’ll continue to prioritize your recovery journey, while still being able to start returning back to your daily life and responsibilities. 

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