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Dealing With Addicts During The Holidays

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The holidays are that time of the year filled with joy. Addicts can find the holidays to be a stressful and overwhelming period of the year which may result in increased substance abuse. Learning ways to safely and effectively deal with the person using is very important during the holidays.

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Increased Drinking & Drug Use During the Holidays

Drug and alcohol abuse tends to increase as we get into the holiday season. The increase in drug and alcohol abuse is due to several reasons. One major trigger for relapse is stress. There are several ways in which stress can manifest during the holidays; the financial burden of buying gifts, hosting a family gathering, and traveling to visit family. Substance abuse is usually evident during the many social gatherings during the holiday season. An active addict may increase substance abuse at such times. Holidays may also be a highlighting factor of feelings of loneliness and depression, especially for persons who have tensed familial relationships or lost loved ones.


Managing Expectations During the Holidays

The major cause of dissatisfaction is expectation. The highest expectations often come during the holiday season. During the holiday season, many persons often work hard to create a joyful and happy time for family. You should not have expectations for an active addict to stop using during this time. Stress is often eliminated for the addict and the family if expectations are managed and they are prepared for a situation which is not perfect. The addict may also refuse attending social gatherings at this time and so the family should be prepared for that.


Dealing with Addicts During the Holidays

Members of the family gather to celebrate the holiday season. It becomes quite difficult to deal with a member of the family who is an active addict. You may be confused whether or not to make the addict take part in the celebrations. The addict could refuse such an invitation and may not want to join the family in celebrating during the holidays so families ought to be prepared for that.

The situation will determine whether the active addict should be included or not. It will be wise not to include the active user in a family gathering if they are a threat to others or themselves. An addict will be motivated to change after they experience the consequences of their addiction. Not allowing the addict to take part in the social gathering could make them experience feelings of depression and loneliness. It is good to communicate expectations of behaviors and boundaries if you wish that this family member takes part in the celebration. You have to act if the individual doesn’t respect these guidelines so as to avoid condoning such behavior.

Families usually feel obliged to make an intervention during the holidays. This is usually due to the presence of the whole family, especially if they see the addict using. During this time of the year, active addicts often increase their levels of substance abuse. This proves to be scary times for the addict’s family who are witnesses to the addiction and dangerous times for the addict as well. Even though the holidays may seem a good time to hold an intervention, it is advisable to look for professional assistance or guidance before you confront the addict. You will get good advice from a professional on how to make the intervention very successful.


Concerned About a Loved One or Yourself?

It is very difficult when you have a loved one who is struggling with addiction. Most families may be overwhelmed because they don’t know the right thing to do. Most families often witness the addiction and look for assistance during the holiday season. If you need more information or help for a loved one suffering from addiction, kindly call us at (855)998-5278.

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