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Find out more about residential inpatient drug treatment options and how inpatient rehabs can help you find healing.


In order to overcome an addiction, it will require not only committing to sobriety long-term and a good support system made up of individuals who think alike, but also the guidance and care of trained experts. At The Last House, the drug rehab aftercare staff work together with house members in order to solve the underlying problems which led to their addiction, providing new ways of thinking and tools to help them in their newly discovered sobriety. The Last House solves all types of addictions, housing people who have experienced all things from alcohol detox to heroin rehab.

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Early Stages of Recovery From Heroin

In the early stages of recovery, addicts usually suffer from mental and physical withdrawals. Powerful narcotics such as heroin and meth create a mental dependency as well as a physical one. It may be quite painful and uncomfortable to undergo a detox process off of alcohol and drugs, so it is, therefore, advisable, to begin with a drug detox at a rehab center before coming off of substances like large amounts of alcohol and heroin. Medical professionals in clinics perform a drug detox so that they can monitor the health of the individual all the time. Detox in heroin rehab centers is just the first phase of sobriety. Upon completion of detoxification, sober living facilities or drug treatment aftercare centers take over guidance of the individual through the recovery process.

Addiction has underlying emotional aspects which ought to be observed, studied and addressed making it more than just physical dependency. House members are encouraged by The Last House to identify their bad old habits and practice more effective healthy habits.


How Do I Begin My Recovery Journey?

You can make the first steps towards healing by attending an aftercare center such as The Last House and through drug detox. The recovery philosophy of The Last House is based on the 12-step program, which encourages house members to start being responsible for their lives, their choices and their actions. Members of The Last House have a lot of support to gather strength from in the course of their drug treatment as they are paired with peers of a similar mindset and same age. There is the creation of invaluable support networks at The Last House which exist even after completing the program.


The Last House Can Help

Supposing you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, you should have seen how it may completely take control of someone’s life. Many people can be devastated by a life-long addiction, but aftercare services and rehab centers offer treatment. House members at The Last House which is a structured sober living can recover in an environment which is loving and safe and start their first steps towards recovery.

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