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LGBTQ+ Drug Abuse

Find out more about residential inpatient drug treatment options and how inpatient rehabs can help you find healing.


LGBTQ-Inclusive Treatment

Here, we are out to promote a recovery environment in which actively includes everyone giving them the chance to attain lasting sobriety. Differences in style, thought, ethnicity, experience and culture are all embraced here. Inclusion as well as diversity are of utmost importance when it comes to recovery and strengthen the community. The LGBT drug abuse programs we offer here aids everyone to feel like they are a part of the society when they are on the road to recovery. Individuals often have the feeling that recovery is hopeless if there is the absence of support as well as empathy. Recovery lasts and works best when each and every client is embraced based on their own individual self-will.

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Treatment Which Focuses On What The LGBTQ+ Community's Needs

In accordance with the rules created by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMSHA), which goes thus:

“A commitment should be made at every level of the program, from the board of directors to the direct line staff, to design and deliver services in a manner sensitive to the needs of LGBT individuals.”

Clinical Staff are groomed to work effectively with populations of all sorts of people, bringing out an environment which focuses on several specific issues and helps to promote diversity. The options under the LGBT drug abuse treatment dissects issues of stigma and sexual identity bringing the link they have with addiction.

The staff at this clinic include CAADE and CADC-certified addiction counselors, an on-site psychiatrist and master level therapists. All of this health personnel are well-trained on how to take care of people who are victims of addiction as well as co–occurring mental disorders which include bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety.


Main Aspects Of LGBTQ+ Drug Abuse Treatment

Making available a safe, clean and supportive community provides clients with the tools they require to focus only on their recovery staying away from all negative distractions. Therapy focused on recovery as well as outside meetings give them the freedom to build a solid foundation in the early recovery stage.

During early recovery, it’s important to develop a routine that helps from going back to old behavior. Our LGBTQ substance abuse treatment program offers several options for therapy and outdoor activities, helping individuals to stay busy and engaged in the treatment process.

During treatment, clients bond with others who share a common struggle and are seeking to better themselves. Through interacting in groups and outside activities, they will bond with others and feel a part of something bigger. Orange County houses one of the largest recovery communities in the world and is full of thousands of people who have found hope in recovery.

Our open treatment model allows individuals more freedom than traditional treatment centers. As they progress in treatment, their clinical hours will decrease and they’ll receive more freedom to engage in constructive activities outside of the treatment facility, such as school and work. This enables them to become more self-reliant and make a smooth transition into life after they complete treatment.


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