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Los Angeles DUI Lawyer

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DUI conviction or Driving Under the Influence has a lot of great consequences for young people: cancellation of auto insurance or increased rates, suspension or loss of driver’s license, expulsion or suspension from school, attendance at alcohol-education classes, costly fines, having an ignition interlock device put on the car, and in a few situations, prison or jail.

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Why You Need an Experience DUI Lawyer in Los Angeles to Help You Quit Drinking

An experienced Los Angeles DUI Lawyer does not only address the obvious penalties but also sees what isn’t understood about the drunk young adult driver that is the deeper reasons why they drink, drive and use drugs, to begin with. Yes, they are able to distinguish the differences in the levels of alcohol in the blood (0.02% or more for persons under the age of 21 and 0.08% or more for adults) and the differences in punishment and consequences; they, however, notice that the right sentences will provide young people with a good chance of having a future which is productive.

Most of the time, a DUI with a young adult driver is accompanied by additional charges: car accidents, drug charges, and stolen possessions just to name a few. It also often involves a young life going out of hand and in need of quick attention. In order to determine the best route of action, a Los Angeles DUI Lawyer examines these issues and takes a detailed look at their client’s case. A DUI lawyer who is good at his/her job has the experience to lobby for sentences will confront the young offender and hopefully cause him/her to change significantly so as to live alcohol and drug-free lives.


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