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Opiate Addiction Treatment

Find out more about residential inpatient drug treatment options and how inpatient rehabs can help you find healing.


The Last House is a place to stop struggling with opiate addiction. Changing patterns of behavior and deep-seated emotions is a way of making the treatment of opiate addiction work. Several persons addicted to heroin and prescription drugs want to stop but have no idea how. Their desire of suppressing withdrawal symptoms and satisfying cravings is nearly greater than their capability to quit. In order to overcome addiction, they have to be helped.

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How Opiates Affect the Body

Opiates are a set of drugs made use of in treating pain. Mu-opioid receptors which are specific opioid receptors in the brain are bound with by opiates upon entry into the body. When the reward center of the brain is activated by these mu-opioid receptors, dopamine production is stimulating leading to feelings of pain-relief, well-being and pleasure.


Opiate Addictions We Treat

Time-release painkiller with oxycodone as the active ingredient.

Chronic pain prescriptions Hydrocodone and Acetaminophen (Tylenol).

Painkiller which is 6-8 times stronger than morphine.

Cough reliever derived from morphine.

Very addictive and illegal opiate commonly smoked, inhaled or injected.

Highly addictive combination of Acetaminophen (Tylenol) and Oxycodone prescribed for short-term pain.


Dangers of Opiates

A legitimate prescription for pain is the beginning of opiate addiction. Tolerance to medication is developed by several persons and they need more of the drug to have the same painkilling and euphoric effects.


Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms


Opiate Health Risks

Opiate Addiction Treatment That Works

There is a customized treatment plan for every client which addresses their related social, psychiatric, and medical problems and abuse patterns. Every day, clients take part in healthy activities and on the weekend, experiential activities such as surfing. Clients experience changes in their thought and behavior process as they progress through treatment. Clients practice how to deal with environmental cues and stressful circumstances which triggered relapse some time ago. While in treatment, they begin a new lifestyle free of drugs.

The addiction therapy services at The Last House is an important component of treatment. Clients are able to learn about their addictions, themselves and ways to hold on to what they picked up in treatment forever with the help of these services. Below are some of the therapy programs:

Experiential therapy

Evidenced-based therapy

Adventure therapy

Healthy coping mechanisms are also learned by clients which help in promoting sobriety and long-term wellness. Give The Last House a call today at 866-677-0090 if you’re prepared to begin opiate addiction treatment and learn ways to have a healthy and happy life. A better life awaits; you just need to make the bold step.

Contact us via the number 1-866-677-0090 now if you know anyone who is a victim of drug or alcohol abuse. Our knowledgeable and reliable staff will get to you promptly. Visit Our Homepage.

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