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Sober Living Home in California

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It has been proven through research that a living environment which is unhealthy is certainly a factor that influences those in the early stages of recovery. Unhealthy environments have serious effects on even those who have the very good intentions. A Los Angeles sober living home in California provides the necessary stability, support, and encouragement which are the main factors in the early recovery stage. It is advisable for both young adults and adolescents to stay in a Los Angeles Sober living home in California for at least a year or maybe a one and a half year. There is always the feeling of devastation when family members and parents try to locate the sober living home which suits a loved one or child. Use this page as a guide if you are searching for a Los Angeles sober living home in California.

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Does My Loved-One Have a Drug Problem?

Most of the people (over 90%) who face drug abuse problem were using drugs before they were 18 years old. It isn’t strange that teenagers experiment with alcohol and drugs and there is the possibility that this can grow quickly into addiction and dependence. Parents should make sure they deal with struggling teens drug abuse while it is still at its early stage. Drug abuse is usually an indication of serious issues which are hidden. Because of this, we shouldn’t dwell on the time at which the drug is used but on the reasons for which the alcohol and drug abuse developed. In order to know if a child is abusing alcohol and drugs or not, it is imperative for the parents to notice any psychological, emotional or physical changes in the children. This helps in finding out if a person is using or not.


What is the Disease of Addiction?

Addiction is a medical condition which causes the compulsive use and seeking of drugs not taking into consideration its harmful effects on the individual who is affected as well as everyone around them. Even though addiction is a multifaceted and complex disease, an individual can still recover from it if he/she is treated. In order to recover from addiction, you don’t just have to abstain from alcohol and drugs. A sober living home provides addicts with a safe environment where they can experience both physical and emotional recovery from drug abuse


What is a Sober Living Home?

A sober living home, also called a halfway house, is defined as a residential home which provides people in the early recovery stage of addiction with an alcohol and drug-free environment. These sober living homes often act as a transitional program for people are enrolled in an outpatient treatment program or have completed an inpatient treatment program. They provide the necessary encouragement, safety, and support which are favorable for recovery.


Why is Los Angeles a Good Place for Sober Living?

The Los Angeles recovery community is ranked among the best in the world. Added to the most popular treatment centers, the adult and adolescence recovery community is among the largest and most involved in the United States. Each week, there are more than 3,000 meetings of anonymous alcoholics in Los Angeles. This doesn’t include the 12-step program meetings which are available. Los Angeles has the biggest sober living community for young people and there are a lot of sober events available in and around the greater Los Angeles area. As a result of the strong cultural presence and conducive weather, Los Angeles provides recovering individuals with many ways in which they can catch some fun. People from all over the globe travel to L.A. in order to begin their recovery journey and receive treatment.

How Much Does Sober Living Cost?

There are significant differences in the price tag for sober living. This is dependent on the amount of individual care offered, the level of structure, the location and the length of treatment. It is of utmost importance that families find a suitable sober living for their loved ones and be capable to afford the cost. It is rather unfortunate that insurance companies do not cover individuals living in sober living homes. Nevertheless, sober living home might be able to offer scholarships/financial assistance to those individuals who have financial constraints. This depends on what the sober living home in California is able to offer and how badly you need the assistance at that particular time.  The Last House offers young adults who are on the road to recovery with a structured sober living home.


Why a Recovery Community is Important to Long-Term Success in Sobriety

Addicts are often ashamed about their alcohol and drug use and this may lead to isolation and secrecy.  It is not a strange situation for addicts to face addiction when their family members and closest friends do not really understand the extent to which the problem has reached. Being isolated in active addiction is common but being isolated in sobriety can be very detrimental and may lead to relapse. Individuals struggling with addiction are offered opportunities to be encouraged and supported by Los Angeles sober living home in California throughout the recovery process. In order to achieve long-time sobriety, it is essential to be part of a recovery community. Early recovery is physically and emotionally challenging. It is not an easy task to make the decision to get sober and to actually stay sober. You will always have bad days. An individual gets the encouragement necessary to overcome the challenge which may arise during the early stage of sobriety from a recovery community.

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