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Underage Drinking

Underage Drinking in America

Underage drinking has become a dominant public health issue irrespective of the fact that close to 5000 youths pass away yearly as a result of this. Suicide, car accidents, homicides, and several types of injuries like drownings, burns, and falls are consequences of teens drinking.

If teens can restrain from using drugs and drinking for a long time, they will have a greater chance of not being addicted. Most at times, you can simply distract them with a lot of drama classes, family activities and sports amongst others until the completion of the growing period.

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How Parents Can Help Prevent Underage Drinking

The best thing which parents can do when a child is involved in underage drinking is educating themselves. This has to do with understanding the signs and symptoms associated with alcohol abuse and at the same time keeping an eye on their use of social media and cell phones. An increasing number of teens are sharing that when they see their friends on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook who are drinking, smoking and partying, they have the urge to do likewise. It is important for parents to establish firm rules for acceptable behavior and react with firm discipline exhibiting that they don’t tolerate underage drinking.

The years of a teenager are the peak for mental perception and physical ability, and at that moment their minds are not open and teens are not emotionally mature. During this period of formation, underage drinking is very risky and doing everything in their power to stop what may become the inevitable is the best help parents can offer.

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