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What is the Best Sober Living for Young Men?

Find out more about residential inpatient drug treatment options and how inpatient rehabs can help you find healing.


Finding the Best Sober Living for Young Men

According to research, unhealthy living environments tend to be very detrimental to people in early recovery. There are serious consequences associated with unstable living environments even for persons with good intentions. The necessary stability, encouragement, and support which is essential in early recovery are provided by sober living homes. It is advisable for young adults and adolescents to stay for about a year and maybe a year and a half in a sober living for young men. Best sober living for young men.  When family members and parents are looking for a sober living home which will suit a loved one or child, they tend to be overwhelmed. Which sober living is best for young men?

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Does My Son Have a Drug Problem?

More than 90% of persons with substance abuse issues started abusing before they turned 18. Teens often experiment with alcohol and drugs and this may lead to addiction and dependence. It is advisable for parents to intervene immediately they notice a teen struggling with substance abuse problems. Serious underlying issues lead to substance abuse. So you should not focus on the substance being used, but rather focus on why the alcohol and drug abuse started in the first place. Parents have to watch out for any psychological, emotional or physical changes so as to determine if a child is abusing alcohol and drugs or not. This will be helpful in knowing whether or not a person is abusing alcohol or drugs.  This leaves the question which sober living is for young men?


What is the Success Rate of Sober Living?

Even though sober living homes’ success rate mostly depends on how willing the individuals are, when looking for a treatment program you must consider some principles of effective drug treatment. There are 5 things to take note of in order to determine a specific sober living program’s success rate:


Does Insurance Cover Sober Living?

There is a significant variation in the cost of facilities which treat addiction. There are low-cost and free drug treatment programs, standard treatment programs and luxury drug rehab programs. When finding a treatment facility, it is essential for families to look for one which best suits their loved one while taking their finances into consideration. It is fortunate that insurance companies have started realizing that addiction is a medical condition which can be treated. A few costs of addiction treatment are covered by some insurance companies in both outpatient and inpatient programs.


How Long Does Sober Living Last?

A lot of individuals in early recovery tend to be overwhelmed and there is a high risk for them to relapse. It is good for an individual to stay for long in a structured, safe and alcohol and drug-free environment. The needs of every individual make the duration of treatment to vary. It is, however, advisable for young adults and teens to stay for about a year or maybe a year and a half in a sober living home. The young adults and teens will, therefore, be offered a good chance to achieve physical and emotional recovery from their addiction.

The Costs & Benefits of Sober Living

There is a significant variation in the cost of sober living homes. All of this depends on where the best sober living home is located, the duration of treatment, the amount of care which each individual receives and the structure. When finding a treatment facility, it is essential for families to look for one which best suits their loved one while taking their finances into consideration. It is rather unfortunate that individuals staying in sober living for young men homes do not receive insurance coverage from insurance companies. However, individuals who have financial difficulties may receive scholarships and/or financial assistance from sober living homes. This will depend on what the best sober living can offer at that moment and on the needs of individuals.

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