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Loving Recovery Community

A little over a year ago I came into contact with The Last House. I had a major relapse on alcohol while living in Japan and the Japanese asked me to leave the country. I landed in Los Angeles with no plan on how to put my life back together. Someone recommended The Last House sober living facility as a place to start. I was grasping at straws and was willing to give it a try. I was not the typical Last House resident, I’m older than the average and I’m gay. From day one I felt welcome and accepted in this recovery community. The staff and other residents accepted me and seemed genuinely interested in my recovery. The structure of the house helped me start the process of recovery. I attended AA meetings at least once a day, participated in house activities and allowed the structure and process to aid in my healing. The staff and the guys in the program with me kept me accountable for my behavior and provided a safe place for me to struggle with my issues. My age and sexual orientation really made no difference to staff and residents of The Last House, which took a weight I sometimes carry off my chest. Living there gave me the tools I needed to embark on a life of sobriety. I was able to take the experience of The Last House and apply those tools into my daily life. I have been sober since March 10, 2015 and a great credit goes to The Last House.

-Former Resident

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