Derek S Last House Success Story

Derek S. Last House Success Story

Sobriety has given me a lot so far — some things that I didn’t think were possible. One of those things is a healthy relationship with my brother. As brothers, him and I grew up with resentments towards one another in all ways one could possibly imagine. Yet as we reached our teen years, it got worse due to the fact that we began drinking and using drugs together. Thus, unfortunately, this became our relationship with each other. Not only did it take a strain on us, it took a massive toll on our family. I eventually moved out of state thinking that I was not leaving much behind, but at the same time, I was worried that with this decision I would never have any kind of connection with my brother and we would eventually grow apart completely. While I was away, I heard that my brother got sober and was working for a sober living. I was in complete disbelief because in my wildest dreams, I never thought sobriety was possible for anyone in our family. Deep down, I was happy for him, but at the same time, I had my doubts. I believed that it was something that wouldn’t, and moreover, couldn’t last. Time passed and I continued to progress deeper into my addiction and self isolation. Then what seemed to be completely out of the blue, I received a call from my brother. We conversed like we never had before. For what felt like the first time ever, it was a calm and collected dialogue. There was no screaming, no insults, no verbal assaults. In fact it was the complete opposite. We talked about what he was doing in life; how he’s been working in recovery for years and that tremendous transformation that has taken place in his life — the true gifts of sobriety. Our conversation proceeded and eventually came to a precipice where he told me that it was entirely possible for me to get clean and work on myself if I was willing to put in the work. After the call ended, I sat in reflection and truly thought about what my brother had just said. For some time, I just sat with myself and wrestled with my thoughts. That God-shot, white light moment that many individuals talk about in the rooms of recovery had finally arrived. It hit me over the head like a ton of bricks. I knew what I needed to do. I was beyond fearful, but I had to capture this moment while I still could. I immediately called my brother told him I was ready for a change. I humbled myself before him and asked him to help me find a new life. He suggested that I go to The Last House, not only because it changed his life, but because he knew it could changed mine. So within a matter of days I arrived at The Last House. I resided at East House, a mere block away from West House, where my brother works. During my stay I learned so much about myself and why things were not working in my life. My brother gave me space and let my have my own experience, but at the same time he was there for me if I needed him. Three months into my stay our relationship took a complete 360 degree turn. We were no longer arguing every day, we were having long talks, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company. At 10 months into my stay, I began working for The Last House as a driver. I never planned on working for a sober living, but it just happened — just one of the promises and gifts of sobriety that my brother was talking about on the infamous phone call nearly one year prior. I can look back and recognize seeing my brother get sober and work in this kind of environment and the vital role it played in my decision to go on this path. Today I have a year and a half sober while my brother has 5 and a half years of clean time. Yet, the best part of it all — we have common respect for each other. We are able to see each other everyday and we are beyond grateful for this opportunity.

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